10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2024

Dreadlocks, once seen as rebellious, are now a big thing on the field. Soccer players are not just going for it; they’re turning it into an art, flaunting amazing and elaborate styles.

It’s a bold statement that’s gaining applause.

No stereotypes here, just players breaking norms and turning the field into a canvas for their wild styles.

What Are Dreadlocks?

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Dreadlocks are rope-like sections of hair with a coarse texture created by hair matting.

They’ve been around in ancient Greek, Rastafari, Senegalese, Aztec, and Buddhist cultures. Now, they’re rocking in various cultures. Although people often link them to African heritage, people from all walks — any gender, religion, tribe, or race — rock dreadlocks with pride.

No one knows exactly where they started, but some old Indian Vedic scriptures talk about Lord Shiva rocking the style.


Gullit wasn’t just a player; he was a trendsetter.

His swagger with those dreads wasn’t just a look; it was a statement.

And guess what? It sparked something big. Suddenly, dreadlocks weren’t just hair; they were a symbol.

Gullit’s influence cut through, making a whole bunch of players see their locks as more than just strands; it was about being you, about showing off style.

Mohamed Elneny – Arsenal

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Arsenal’s Egyptian midfielder, Mohammed Elneny, stands out not only for his contributions in the midfield but also for his distinctive dreadlocks.

Renowned for his finite skillset and conservative style of play, Elneny is no muscular enforcer, but rather an intelligent reader of the game, who knows when to hold and when to intercept.

He is the ultimate team player, a manager’s dream because of his work-rate and lack of ego.

Elneny’s hairstyle reflects his confidence and individuality on the field, adding to the visual diversity of soccer.

Nathan Aké – Manchester City

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

The versatile Dutch center-back has been turning heads with his voluminous dreadlocks since his days in Chelsea’s academy.

People love Aké for his versatility and sharp skills.

He’s got a solid passing game, a knack for reading the match well, and can rock it in multiple positions—full-back, center-back, and defensive midfield. Why? Well, it’s all about his work ethic, professionalism, and killer technique.

Aké’s cool as a cucumber on the ball, and the way he carries himself has folks drawing parallels to the legendary Dutch player, Ruud Gullit.

Known for his defensive prowess and ability to play as a left-back, Aké’s distinctive hairstyle has become synonymous with his on-field charisma.

Christopher Nkunku – Chelsea

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

French forward Christopher Nkunku, now with Chelsea, brought his low-hanging dreadlocks from his days at RB Leipzig.

Nkunku’s got this slick move in the last bit of the game that’s worth noting.

It’s a big part of why he’s got the instincts of a top-notch forward.

He’s all about hanging out in the shadows of defenders, making it tricky for markers to spot him. Plus, he’s smart about switching things up, always keeping it fresh.

That means he’s a constant threat, ready to get the ball at his feet or make a break into open space.

His hairstyle is as dynamic as his goal-scoring abilities, making him a standout figure on the global soccer stage.

Jason Denayer – Al Fateh

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

The Belgian center-back known for his strong defensive skills, has also made a mark with his distinctive dreadlocked hairstyle.

His style is all about keeping it low and starting the play from the back.

But don’t be fooled; he’s not afraid to show some muscle. With core strength like no other, he’s got this knack for brushing off opponents with confidence.

Plus, the guy is naturally blessed – he’s fast, strong, and moves like it’s second nature.

The former Lyon player’s imposing presence on the field is complemented by his eye-catching dreadlocks, contributing to his recognition as one of the rising stars in the world of soccer.

Rafael Leão – AC Milan

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Portuguese winger Rafael Leão is celebrated for his trickery and speed on the wings, but it’s his unique dread hairstyle that adds to his on-field flair.

Tall and slim, he’s got this explosive burst and speed that makes him a real mover up front.

Back in the youth days, he rocked it as a center-forward, bringing this dynamic vibe to the attack. His moves are no joke – he’s out there stretching and messing with defenses, with or without the ball.

Leão is a beast at dribbling, pulling off deep drives, and leaving players in the dust with slick maneuvers and speed changes, especially in those one-on-one situations around the box.

Leão’s hairstyle reflects his dynamic playing style, making him a distinctive figure in the world of soccer.

Eduardo Camavinga – Real Madrid

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Cama burst onto the scene with thick dreadlocks during his teenage years at Rennes.

Camavinga, a natural defensive midfielder, is more than just a tough guy on the field. This French talent is a dynamic and agile athlete, fitting perfectly into a box-to-box role, explaining why he can score goals even from a deep starting position.

Not just a brute force, Camavinga’s passing game is on point.

He creates chances for his teammates, effortlessly dodging tacklers when needed. Coaches can’t stop praising his tactical intelligence, noting his ability to absorb information and consistently deliver on the field.

His unique style has gained immense popularity, especially on the internet, where fans even associate it with the catchy “Cama ooo, Cama ooo” song.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Premier League fans have long admired Bissaka’s dread haircuts, a signature style that dates back to his days at Crystal Palace.

The Manchester United defender combines defensive prowess with a striking visual presence on the field.

Wan-Bissaka’s main gig is holding it down as a right-back, all about defense. Speed, sliding tackles, and owning one-on-one defensive showdowns are his specialties.

Jamie Carragher even tagged him as the “best one-on-one defender for a full-back in the world” back in 2020.

In the 2019–20 Premier League season, Wan-Bissaka was on fire, making the joint-highest number of tackles alongside Wilfred Ndidi, hitting 129. Talk about a defensive force on the field.

Michy Batshuayi – Fenerbahçe

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Known for his powerful striking ability, Batshuayi is easily recognizable by his thick short-dread.

He is known to shrug off defenders and puts his 5 ft 11 inches frame to good use. He is also a threat from set-plays, as his movement inside the box can often cause defenders to take their eyes off the ball.

Added to that skill set, he is a good header of the ball, ticking all the boxes for the attributes an out-and-out striker should possess.

Whether at Chelsea, Dortmund, or Fenerbahçe, his unique hairstyle is as iconic as his goal-scoring celebrations.

Jules Koundé – Barcelona

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Fashion-forward Jules Koundé, a standout defender, has transitioned from afro hair at Sevilla to stylish dreadlocks at Barcelona.

Koundé is a natural fit for the right side of the central defense, but his agility, athleticism, and technical prowess also make him a solid option at right back. When he takes those marathon runs, he handles the position like a seasoned full-back.

Despite standing at a modest 5’11”, Koundé doesn’t lack strength for a central defender.

In one-on-one battles, his speed gives him an advantage in chasing down the ball, and he’s no slouch in aerial duels either.

With a powerful leap, he can dominate in those crucial battles – a valuable asset whether defending or attacking.

His ever-changing appearances are as captivating as his performances on the pitch, solidifying his status as one of the world’s best defenders.

Eberechi Eze – Crystal Palace

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Crystal Palace’s tricky dribbler, Eberechi Eze, not only dazzles with his skills but also with his heavy hairdo.

He did some impressive work as QPR’s creative and dynamic number 10, gracefully moving across the front line and dipping into deeper spots. He had a knack for weaving together his team’s plays with smart moves and nimble touches.

Despite not having standout passing skills, his exceptional vision and awareness of the surroundings allowed him to find teammates when others might fail.

He pulled it off with clever flicks, luring a defender to follow his lead, then smoothly flicking the ball back in the opposite direction into the space he’d created.

Eze’s playing style and distinctive hairstyle have earned him admiration from Premier League fans

Allan Saint-Maximin – Al-Ahli

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

Known for bamboozling defenders in the English Premier League, Allan Saint-Maximin maintained his dreads look even after moving to Al-Ahli in the Saudi Pro League.

Saint-Maximin’s got this mix of natural strength, technical finesse, and downright amazing ball-striking that makes him a force anywhere in the attack.

His skills mesh well with any forwards. Plus, he brings another crucial element to the game – his sharp passing and a real drive to push his team forward.

You’ll often find him dropping into the left-halfspace, even dipping below the midfield D, to grab the ball and set up a runner further up the field.

But let’s talk about his most killer trait – that world-class ball-striking of his, the ultimate weapon.

His flair and style extend beyond the pitch, making him a true soccer fashion star.

Renato Sanches – AS Roma

10 Famous Soccer Players With Dreadlocks As Of 2023/24

The Portuguese midfielder has shown his dreadlocks at various clubs, including Benfica, Bayern Munich, Swansea, Lille, and PSG, and is now on loan at AS Roma.

Sanches is known for being a jack-of-all-trades in midfield, feeling at home in defensive, attacking, central, and wide positions.

His toolkit includes physical strength, slick passing skills, and a cool calmness when holding the ball.

Because of these qualities, and maybe a bit because of his hairstyle, people draw comparisons to the Dutch legend Edgar Davids.

His consistent style reflects the journey of a promising youngster to a seasoned professional.

Other Soccer Players With Dreadlocks

  • Trevor Chalobah – (Chelsea)
  • Noni Madueke – (Chelsea)
  • Romeo Lavia – (Chelsea)
  • Moise Kean – (Juventus)
  • Jeremy Doku – (Man City)
  • Mathys Tel – (Bayern Munich)
  • Michael Olise – (Crystal Palace) 
  • Jamie Bynoe-Gittens – (BVB)
  • Xavi Simons – (RB Leipzig)
  • Nico Williams – (Athletic Bilbao)

How To Make Dreadlocks?

What You Need

  • Residue-free shampoo
  • Blowdryer
  • Sectioning clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Dread wax

Crocheting Method

  1. Wash Your Hair: Use residue-free shampoo to get rid of dirt and oil.
  2. Dry Your Hair: Blow-dry or air-dry.
  3. Sectioning: Use a wide-toothed comb to part your hair into sections.
  4. Twist: Remove hair ties and use a comb to twist each section, working from the middle.
  5. Crochet Your Hair: Use a small crochet hook to pull hairs through and repeat until the ends are blunt.

Dread Perm Method

  1. Wash Your Hair: Use residue-free shampoo.
  2. Dry Your Hair: Ensure no wet strands, either air dry or blow dry.
  3. Start Sectioning: Divide hair into sections with a comb.
  4. Dread Perm: Wrap coils around sections, apply a chemical relaxer, wash, and neutralize.

Backcombing Method

  1. Wash Your Hair: Use a residue-free shampoo.
  2. Blowdry Your Hair: Blow-dry from every direction for volume and ensure it’s fully dry.
  3. Start Sectioning: Part hair horizontally above the nape and use clips.
  4. Backcomb: Backcomb sections from roots down, creating knots.
  5. Twist: Completely twist each section.
  6. Apply Dread Wax: Rub a small amount between fingers, smooth down, and twist.
  7. Palm Roll Your Dreadlock: Roll between palms from root to end for formation and maintenance.
  8. Stagger Your Dreadlocks: Create dreadlocks without a set pattern for a full look.
  9. Repeat: Follow the procedure until all hair is dreadlocked.

Dread Braiding Method

  1. Wash Your Hair: Use residue-free shampoo.
  2. Dry Your Hair: Blowdry or air dry.
  3. Section Off Your Hair: Tie sections with rubber bands.
  4. Braid Each Section: Braid each section, securing it with rubber bands.
  5. Apply Wax and Palm Roll: Apply wax and roll between palms for each braid.

Twist and Rip Method

  1. Section Off All Your Hair: Divide into 1-inch sections and tie with rubber bands.
  2. Wash Your Hair: Use residue-free shampoo, rubbing the hair in one direction.
  3. Let Your Hair Air Dry: Allow natural drying.
  4. Wax and Palm Roll: Rip apart each section, apply dread wax, and roll between palms until forming a deadlock.