Is ECNL RL The Right Choice For You? | 2024

Is ECNL RL The Right Choice For You? | 2024

The ECNL RL is one of the fastest-growing options for top teams that aren’t quite at the ECNL level. If you’re into youth soccer in the USA, you’ve probably heard about the ECNL Regional League (ECNL RL). It’s a stepping stone between regular youth leagues and the big-league ECNL. But, is it the right choice

What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

The CONCACAF Champions Cup serves as the premier continental club championship in North America, comparable to Europe’s UEFA Champions League. Originally established in 1962, the tournament was rebranded as the CONCACAF Champions League from 2008 to 2023. However, for the upcoming 2024 edition, the North and Central American Confederation decided to return to the original

How Much Do UPSL Players Get Paid? 2024

How Much Do UPSL Players Get Paid?

The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is a rapidly growing amateur and semi-professional soccer league in the United States. With a focus on providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills, the UPSL operates on a unique model that differs from the higher-tier professional leagues. One of the common questions that arise among soccer enthusiasts

Are MLS Academies Free Of Charge? 2024

Are MLS Academies Free Of Charge?

MLS academies have become a breeding ground for future soccer stars, attracting young talents with promises of top-notch training and professional development. However, a burning question often lingers in the minds of aspiring players and their parents: Are MLS academies free of charge? Yes, MLS academies receive full funding. Unlike many soccer clubs where you

2024 MLS SuperDraft: Eligible Players

2024 MLS SuperDraft: Everything You Need To Know

Get ready for the 2024 MLS SuperDraft—it’s just around the corner. This year marks the 25th edition of the event, and it’s all set to happen on December 19, 2023. What’s different this time? Well, the player pool is getting a boost, making room for younger college players to jump into the draft action. MLS