10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies

In soccer, where success is measured by the gleaming trophies adorning club cabinets, certain teams stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The pursuit of glory, etched in silver and gold, has shaped the legacies of these clubs

The beautiful game has a rich history marked by fierce competition, memorable moments, and the pursuit of glory.

One way to measure a football club’s success is by the number of trophies they have amassed over the years.

Soccer fans enjoy the game for different reasons – the match vibes, connecting with fellow fans, local pride, or just a love for tactics.

For soccer clubs, though, it’s usually about one thing: competing to win trophies.

Whether it’s grabbing a league title, winning the local Cup, or succeeding in European competitions, clubs aim for major victories.

Which Club Has The Most Trophies In Soccer?

While trophies undoubtedly serve as tangible evidence of a club’s success, it’s the deeply ingrained culture, cherished traditions, and unwavering support of the die-hard fans that authentically encapsulate its essence.

As we embark on profiling these 10 soccer clubs, our aim is not solely to tally their victories but to celebrate the indomitable spirit that has elevated them to legendary status.

It’s important to acknowledge that the journey is often just as significant, if not more so, than the ultimate destination. 

1. Al Ahly (Egypt) – 147 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Al Ahly Sporting Club, based in Cairo, Egypt, stands atop the list with an amazing 147 trophies.

Al Ahly currently competes in the Egyptian Premier League, the top tier of Egyptian football. They’ve been consistently successful both at home and in CAF tournaments.

Established in 1907 as a meeting place for Cairo’s Student Unions, Al Ahly has an impressive domestic record with 43 Egyptian Premier League titles, 38 Egypt Cup titles, and 14 Egyptian Super Cups.

It’s no surprise that they are considered the most successful club in Africa.

Internationally, they’ve won 11 CAF Champions League titles, 1 CAF Confederation Cup, 8 CAF Super Cups, 4 African Cup Winners’ Cups, 1 Afro-Asian Club Championship, 1 Arab Club Champions Cup, 1 Arab Cup Winners’ Cup, and 2 Arab Super Cups.

They’ve also won four bronze medals in the FIFA Club World Cup, making it a total of 25 official continental titles.

Al Ahly’s impact is recognized by CAF, naming them the African club of the 20th century.

2. Rangers (Scotland) – 121 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Rangers Football Club, based in Glasgow’s Govan district, plays in the Scottish Premiership.

Commonly known as Glasgow Rangers outside of Scotland, it was founded in 1872 by four teenagers who came up with the idea while walking through West End Park.

Their first match took place in May of the same year against the now-defunct Callander at the Fleshers’ Haugh area of Glasgow Green.

Rangers has an impressive football history, being the fourth-oldest club in Scotland.

They’ve won the Scottish League title 55 times, the Scottish Cup 34 times, and the Scottish League Cup 28 times, with seven domestic trebles.

Internationally, they won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972 and reached notable finals in 1961 and 1967.

They also made appearances in the UEFA Cup Final in 2008 and the UEFA Europa League Final in 2022.

Known for their intense rivalry with Celtic, collectively called the Old Firm, Rangers has a massive fanbase, with over 600 supporters’ clubs in 35 countries worldwide.

3. Club Nacional de Football (Uruguay) – 116 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

The club started in 1899 when Uruguay Athletic Club and Montevideo Fútbol Club joined forces. While football is the main focus, they also do basketball, futsal, tennis, cycling, volleyball, and chess.

In local competitions, Nacional has won the Primera División title 49 times, with the latest win in 2022. They’ve also snagged Copa de Competencia (8 times) and Copa de Honor (7 times).

Internationally, Nacional has nine titles recognized by FIFA and CONMEBOL, including three Copa Libertadores.

They’re the second-best club in Copa Libertadores history with 618 points.

Nacional nailed all three Copa Intercontinental they took part in, becoming the second three-time world champion in 1988.

They’re the only Uruguayan team to bag the Copa Interamericana twice and the Recopa Sudamericana, winning the first edition in 1989.

On top of that, Nacional has four Copa de Honor Cousenier, three Copa Aldao, two Tie Cups, and one Copa Escobar-Gerona, organized jointly by the Argentine and Uruguayan Associations.

4. Celtic (Scotland) – 113 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Celtic is a football club in Glasgow, Scotland, playing in the Scottish Premiership.

They started in 1887 to help the Irish community in the East End of Glasgow. Celtic did well in the early 1900s, winning six league titles.

The best times for Celtic were in the 1960s and 70s under Jock Stein, winning nine league titles in a row and the 1967 European Cup.

They’ve won the Scottish League 53 times, the Scottish Cup 41 times, and the Scottish League Cup 21 times, with the most recent league title in 2022–23.

The standout year was 1966–67 when they won the European Cup, along with all domestic cups.

Celtic and Rangers have a fierce rivalry, known as the Old Firm, with their matches considered among the world’s biggest football derbies.

In 2003, Celtic had around 9 million fans worldwide, supported by over 160 supporters’ clubs in 20 countries.

5. Atletico Penarol (Uruguay) – 110 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Another Uruguayan giant, Club Atlético Peñarol, secures the fifth spot with 110 trophies.

Founded in 1891, Peñarol has been a fierce rival of Nacional, creating one of the most intense football rivalries in South America.

Peñarol got its name from the Peñarol neighborhood in Montevideo.

While the club has been involved in other sports like basketball and cycling, its main focus has always been football, where it excels and has never been relegated from the top division.

Internationally, Peñarol is the third-highest winner of the Copa Libertadores with five victories and holds the record for Intercontinental Cup victories with three.

In 2009, it was chosen as the South American Club of the Century by the IFFHS.

Peñarol ranks as the fifth club in the world and is the second most successful team in Uruguay.

Since joining the league in 1900, they’ve never been relegated from the top division and have won the Uruguayan Primera División 51 times.

6. Real Madrid (Spain) – 100 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Spanish giant Real Madrid, founded in 1902, claims the sixth position with 100 trophies.

Real Madrid is one of the three teams that started La Liga in 1929 and hasn’t been relegated since (the others are Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona).

They have strong rivalries, like El Clásico with Barcelona and El Derbi Madrileño with Atlético Madrid.

Real Madrid made a big impact in the 1950s and 60s, winning five consecutive European Cups and twelve league titles in 16 years.

Globally, Real Madrid has a huge fanbase, being the most followed football club on social media in 2023 and valued at $6.07 billion, making it the world’s most valuable football club.

In 2023, it was the second highest-earning football club in the world, with an annual revenue of €713.8 million.

They’ve won 69 trophies domestically, including a record 35 La Liga titles, 20 Copa del Rey, 12 Supercopa de España, a Copa Eva Duarte, and a Copa de la Liga.

In European football, they’ve won 21 trophies, including 14 UEFA Champions League titles.

Worldwide, they have a record eight club world championships.

Real Madrid consistently ranked first in the IFFHS in 2000, 2002, 2014, and 2017, and tops the all-time club ranking by UEFA.

7. Barcelona (Spain) – 99 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Barcelona is a football club based in Catalonia, Spain, competing in La Liga.

Founded in 1899 by a diverse group of Swiss, Catalan, German, and English footballers under Joan Gamper’s leadership, the club represents Catalan culture and Catalanism, as reflected in its motto “Més que un club” (“More than a club”).

Uniquely, Barcelona is owned and operated by its supporters.

Valued at $5.51 billion, it ranks as the third-most valuable sports team and the world’s fourth richest football club by revenue, generating €582.1 million annually.

Barcelona has an impressive trophy collection, securing a record 77 titles, including 27 La Liga, 31 Copa del Rey, 14 Supercopa de España, three Copa Eva Duarte, and two Copa de la Liga titles.

The club has won 22 European and worldwide titles, such as five UEFA Champions League titles, a record four UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, a joint record five UEFA Super Cups, a record three Inter-Cities Fairs Cups, a joint record two Latin Cups, and three FIFA Club World Cups.

In the IFFHS World Ranking, Barcelona held the top spot in 1997, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015. As of May 2023, it stands ninth in the UEFA club rankings.

8. Benfica (Portugal) – 86 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Benfica is a football club based in Lisbon, Portugal, competing in the Primeira Liga.

Founded on February 28, 1904, as Sport Lisboa, Benfica is part of Portugal’s “Big Three” clubs, never experiencing relegation from the Primeira Liga alongside Sporting CP and FC Porto.

With 86 major trophies, Benfica holds the title of the most decorated club in Portugal.

They have secured 83 domestic trophies, including a record 38 Primeira Liga titles, 26 Taça de Portugal, 7 Taça da Liga, 9 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, and 3 Campeonato de Portugal.

On the international scene, Benfica won the Latin Cup in 1950 and achieved back-to-back European Cups in 1961 and 1962 – remarkable achievements in Portuguese football.

They were runners-up in various competitions such as the Intercontinental Cup, European Cup, and UEFA Europa League.

Benfica’s 10 European finals set a domestic record and ranked seventh all-time among UEFA clubs in 2014.

Beyond competition, the club has received honors, including the Portuguese Orders of Christ, of Merit, and Prince Henry.

Benfica has been recognized globally, voted 12th in FIFA Club of the Century, and ranked 9th in the IFFHS Top 200 European clubs of the 20th century.

In UEFA, Benfica holds the 8th position in the all-time club ranking and was 17th in the club coefficient rankings at the end of the 2022–23 season.

9. Bayern Munich (Germany) – 84 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

The Bavarian secures the ninth position with 84 trophies.

Founded in 1900 by eleven players under the leadership of Franz John, Bayern Munich won its first national championship in 1932.

Despite this, the club wasn’t initially chosen for the Bundesliga when it started in 1963.

Bayern has won six European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles, a German record, achieving the sixth in the 2020 final as part of the Treble, making them the second European club to achieve this feat twice.

On the international stage, Bayern has also won one UEFA Cup, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, two FIFA Club World Cups, and two Intercontinental Cups, establishing itself as one of the most successful European clubs.

Winning the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup, Bayern Munich became the second club to win the “sextuple,” winning all trophies a club competes for in a calendar year.

Bayern Munich is one of five clubs to have won all three of UEFA’s main club competitions, standing as the only German club to achieve this.

As of May 2023, Bayern Munich holds the second position in the UEFA club rankings.

10. Al-Faisaly SC (Jordan) – 82 Trophies

10 Soccer Clubs With The Most Trophies | 2024

Closing out the top 10 is Jordan giants Al-Faisaly SC with 82 trophies

A Jordanian professional football club based in Amman. Founded in 1932, the club participates in the Jordanian Pro League, the top tier of Jordanian football.

Known as “the Blue Eagles,” they were originally founded as the Al-Ashbal Club in 1932.

Al-Faisaly is regarded as one of the most successful football clubs in Asia, having 34 official league titles, 21 Jordan FA Cups, and 17 Jordan Super Cups – records for all these competitions.

They also have 8 Jordan FA Shields and 2 AFC Cups.

Other Soccer Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

  • Olympiakos (Greece) – 79 trophies
  • FC Porto (Portugal) – 77 trophies
  • Ajax (Netherlands) – 73 trophies
  • Juventus (Italy) – 67 trophies
  • Manchester United (England) – 66 trophies
  • Liverpool (England) & Galatasaray (Turkey) – 62 trophies
  • Anderlecht (Belgium) – 60 trophies
  • FCSB (Romania) – 58 trophies
  • Club Olimpia (Paraguay) & Boca Juniors (Argentina) – 56 trophies
  • Deportivo Colo-Colo (Chile) – 55 trophies
  • Zamalek (Egypt) – 53 trophies
  • Grasshopper Zurich (Switzerland) – 49 trophies