10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Goalkeepers require both height and exceptional reflexes, which cannot be understated, due to how helpful it can be for goalies in between the stick in reaching and allowing them makes crucial saves.

Not all tall goalkeepers are quite good with what they do, however, they’re a few of them out there either retired or active who possess that intimidating presence of a world-class goalie in-between stick.

Being blessed with height can be somewhat of an advantage in goalkeeping, but when it gets to the extremist it can either deter or shape you into a world-class shot-stopper with brilliant reflex and coordination.

Therefore, whilst being extremely tall can be somewhat of an undesirable trait in goalkeeping, let’s look at the all-time tallest goalkeepers in soccer.

Who Are The Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer?

Despite the benefits, height poses its own complications when it reaches the extremities. Incredibly tall soccer goalies usually lack strength, balance, and quick reflexes. These are bad qualities for a goalkeeper.

This explains why elite goalies over 6’7″ are difficult to find in the majority of the top football leagues. As a result, even die-hard football fans may not be familiar with the majority of the goalkeepers on this list.

Kjell Scherpen – (Vitesse, 6ft 8in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Scherpen is an active goalkeeper currently plying his trade in the Dutch Eredivise with Vitesse on loan from Brighton. The Dutch shot-stopper started his professional career with FC Emmen, the same city he was born, and made 35 appearances for the team before he left in 2019.

The 2.04m 6’8in tall goalie joined Ajax in 2019 following his exit from Emmen, due to his failure to breakthrough into the first team having played with the reserve team where he made two appearances.

Scherpen may not be one of the most sought-after goalies in world football presently, but his gradually building up a reputation for himself in the Eredivise with Vitesse.


Daniel Muller – (Bayern Munich II, 6ft 9in)

Muller is ranked ninth as one of the tallest goalkeepers in soccer currently. The 30-year-old shot-stopper has made a total of 22 career appearances for both club and national teams.

The towering goalkeeper also had a brief stint with Augsburg but was unable to lay claim to a first-choice position in the team. He also played in the lower division of German football with SV Seligenporten.

Being one of the tallest, Muller is 2.05m, 6’9in tall which places him amongst the tallest but not the best goalies.

Dino Hodzic – (Kari, 6ft 9in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Hodzic is a Croatian goalkeeper who is currently plying his trade in Iceland with Kari. The shot-stopper is not one of the best out there in terms of quality, but he’s tall enough to be on this list.

The 26 years old goalie once had a stint in the Danish league with Vejle Boldklub in 2017 after coming through the rank of Trnje Zagreb’s youth team. Despite being in his prime, he is yet to be capped at the national level for his country.

Hodzic’s height of 2.05m and 6’9in tall ranks him in the eighth position as one of the tallest goalies in the game.

Lucas Bergstrom – (Peterborough United, 6ft 9in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Bergstrom is a young goalkeeper still in his early twenties and obviously possesses the quality to become a decent shot-stopper if not a world-class one.

He is one of Chelsea’s best young goalies, signed from Turin Palloseura in Finland but he’s currently on loan to Peterborough United in the lower division of English football.

Bergstrom isn’t just a tall goalkeeper with good reflexes, in-fact he’s regarded as one of the hottest prospects in European football.

Vanja Ivesa – (Retired, 6ft 9in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Ivesa is a retired and one of the tallest goalies of all time who last played for NK Opatija in the Croatian second division. The veteran shot-stopper spent most of his career in his native country before he finally quit the game of football in 2021.

At 6’9in, he stands as one of the tallest goalkeepers to come out of Croatia and to a large extent the world.

Ivesa had stints outside of his native country with Sydney United, Eskisehirspor, and Elazigspor for three seasons but he couldn’t reach the pinnacle of European club football before he retired.

Tomas Holy – (Carlisle United, 6ft 9in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Holy isn’t fortunate enough to play for one of the best European clubs, he kicked-start his career in his native country with Sparta Prague B team before moving on to team up with another side on loan.

Graffin Vlasim, Viktoria Zizkov, and Fastav Zlin are the teams he had stints with on loan before he signed a two-and-a-half deal with League One side Gillingham in 2017.

Carlisle United in the lower rank of English football is where the 2.06m 6’9in towering goalkeeper currently playing his football on loan from Port Vale.

Tonny Brogaard – (Retired, 6ft 9in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

To become a world-class goalkeeper you need to possess all of the necessary traits to achieve that, but in Dane’s case, he was unable to achieve such at every club he played for.

His biggest move as a goalie was to Doncaster Rovers, where he thought he could achieve success as a professional but unfortunately, he had trouble making it as a first choice in the team. “The Gentle Giant” of football suffered injuries and was soon the third goalkeeper choice at the club.

Frem FC in the Danish third division was the club he last played for, despite possessing a towering height of 2.06m and 6’9 he couldn’t reach that world-class level.


Jacob Samnik – (Hobro IK, 6ft 9in)

Samnik’s FIFA 2020 rating of 59 and a potential of 75 already confirm the American goalkeeper as a rookie who is trying to find his feat.

The Kalonji Soccer Academy in Georgia product goalkeeper didn’t make this list based on his proficiency, he makes the because his very tall.

Whilst he is still active as a goalie, Samnik needs to consistently prove himself to attract a bigger move to a top club in Europe.

Kristof Van Hout – (Retired, 6ft 10in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

Calling him Goliath will be somewhat of an understatement looking at how tall the Belgian goalie is with a towering height of 2.08m and 6’10in

Van Hout was a very intimidating goalkeeper who is very good with aerial balls due to his height which helps him in fending off danger from his goalpost.

Unlike the other goalkeepers who didn’t play at the highest level, Hout did play for one of the best sides in Belgium ‘Standard Liege‘.

Van Hout also had a stint with KVC Westerlo and Genk where he won the Belgian cup in 2013 before hanging his gloves.

Simon Bloch Jorgensen – (Retired, 6ft 10in)

10 Tallest Goalkeepers In Soccer History

If there’s any award created for the tallest goalkeepers in soccer, the Danish shot-stopper obviously deserves an award for his towering height.

Jorgensen is the tallest goalkeeper in the world standing at a remarkably 2.10m and 6’10in, a towering height that ranks him as the tallest to ever graced the game.

As a professional goalie, Jorgensen only had stints with average clubs like Frem, B.98, B.1908, Accrington Stanley, Whitehawk, Waltham Abbey with FC Copenhagen being the biggest amongst the teams he donned their jerseys.

Who Is the Shortest Goalkeeper?

Pedro Manuel Bentez Arpolda has the honor of being the shortest goalkeeper. The Paraguayan was 5’5″ tall, or 1.66 meters. He played for Paraguay in the 1930 World Cup and in the Argentine First League.

Who is the tallest goalkeeper in history?

Simon Bloch Jorgensen holds the record for being the tallest goalkeeper in history. He is 2.10 m tall, or 6’10.5″. Bloch Jorgensen now plays for Waltham Abbey in the Southern League Division One Central.

Who is Premier League’s tallest goalkeeper?

Kjell Scherpen now holds the position of Premier League’s tallest goalkeeper.

Brighton’s goalie is 6’8″ or 2.04 m tall “. Fraser Forster is directly behind him and stands 2.01 m (6’7″) tall ”

Kjell Scherpen and Costel Pantilimon share the record of being the Premier League’s tallest goalkeeper of all time. Both players are 6’8″. Other goalkeepers worth mentioning are 6’7″ players Ian Feuer and Stefan Postma, who both played in the Premier League in the early 2000s.

Who Is the Tallest Soccer Player?

Without a doubt, Simon Bloch Jorgensen is the tallest player in soccer. Paul Millar and Kristof Van Hout, both standing at 2.08 meters or 6’10”, are not far behind.

Who is the shortest keeper in premier league history

Clive Baker (5ft 9in / 175 cm)

The shortest goalkeeper to ever grace a Premier League net, former Ipswich stopper Baker stands at 5ft 9in.

Who’s the shortest goalkeeper in FIFA 22?

Aditya Patra

The player from Bengaluru FC (206 cm). The 2nd shortest goalkeeper is Arsh Shaikh from ATK Mohun (170 cm).

Who is the fastest goalkeeper in the world?

The fastest goalie in 2022 is Jordi Masip of Spain, who has a total pace of 65.

Masip spent his entire career in Spain and was formerly an academy player at La Masia.



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