5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics(Insoles) 2023

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics

Soccer cleats for orthotics help soccer players ease foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain caused by inadequate foot control or alignment.

Ever wondered what kind of soccer cleat would be comfortable enough for professional or amateur players that could help give that excellent arch support while playing?

The arch of the foot is a complex structure of the tendons and ligaments that provide tension and form to the insole of a cleat.

As a soccer player suffering from constant foot issues, cleats that have proper arch support, distribute pressure, and provide balance and stability evenly are what you need.

While cleat for orthotics provides great advantages like reducing pains and preventing the arch from constant injuries while playing.

It is also important to note that soccer player that wants a final solution to their arch soreness needs to have orthotic soccer cleats as their best option.

How To Choose The Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics

It’s all about the general features while choosing the best soccer cleats for orthotics. The quality features of these cleats must be considered.

Do you prefer to play indoor or outdoor soccer? The kind of cleats you need will depend on that. Wear cleats with flat rubber soles for indoor use and cleats with studded soles for outdoor use.

Choose the appropriate upper material. It should be sturdy and designed for the role you play.

Choose the preferred collar structure. You can choose between low, mid, or high.

A firm or loose collar is another option, just go with the appropriate level of support for your ankle.

Get Removable Insoles

A replaceable insole is one of the most significant features to consider. Your orthotics will fit well in the soccer cleats if you can remove the provided insole.

Choosing cleats with adequate space and a good fit is still advisable, but having removable insoles is preferable.

Width Of The Cleats

Orthotics come in a variety of designs. The inserts can fit into cleats with width more easily. Keep an eye out for cleats with a rounded toe box.

Alternatively, you can visit a specialist and have specialized inserts made if you want to buy orthotics. Fitting over-the-counter orthotics into cleats seems to be more challenging.

Custom-made orthotics are suited to your foot, which means they don’t need as much extra space within the shoe.

Depth Of The Cleats

If you’re intending to use orthotics in your soccer cleats, you should go for deep soccer cleats. They must make room for the orthotics’ extra padding.

The purpose of orthotics is to reduce foot pain.

If your cleats are overly tight around your foot, it will aggravate rather than relieve your foot pain.

Benefits of Orthotics

Wearing orthotics significantly reduces fatigue, soreness, and discomfort in the foot and may even completely eliminate these issues.

Orthotics aid in reducing the impact of abrupt cutting, jumping, and push-offs.

Soccer orthotics also give the required arch support and ensure good foot, ankle, and knee alignment, which helps avoid common overuse injuries including plantar fasciitis, turf toe, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, overpronating feet, and back issues.

With the extra comfort of orthotics, players will perform better, which will also increase their satisfaction with the game.

Orthotics can aid players with their swing, balance, and shot accuracy while also reducing fatigue and enhancing performance.

Soccer cleats with orthotics minimize the risk of leg imbalance, Achilles tendinitis, persistent knee and back pain, and plantar fasciitis issues. Inconvenient swelling and inflammation can be reduced by using orthotics, which enhance blood flow through the feet and the entire leg. 

Sports orthotics reduce the risk of overuse injuries to the foot, ankle, and knee, which are widespread among soccer players.

Soccer players that wear orthotics can play for longer periods of time, perform better, balance better, and be more consistent.

Top Soccer Cleats For Orthotics (Insoles)?

According to a cleats expert, no matter how aesthetically pleasing soccer footwear is, if the goal of orthotic management is not consistent then such cleat is not good enough.

The essential factors to look for in the finest soccer cleats for orthotics are covered in this article, a few points about orthotics will also be covered:

Adidas Men’s Predator Freak .3 Cleat

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics


Over the years Adidas has been one of the best cleats manufacturers, they’ve consistently produced top-class soccer cleats that suit every player irrespective of their foot size.

There are a lot of Predator freak soccer cleats that have been produced by Adidas with each version designed for different kinds of fields.

But in the case of Adidas Men’s Predator Freak .3, it is that kind of footwear mainly designed for orthotics because its rubber soles are great for providing proper traction on firm ground.

The Men’s Adidas Predator for orthotics is durable and does not cause pain or discomfort to the feet because the material uses to produce it is the best in terms of distributing pressure and providing balance and stability to the foot.

Most importantly, these cleat has sufficient depth to fit the orthotics and it is made with 100% synthetic materials with maximum rubber sole grip for comfortability on the field.

Nike Soccer Superfly 6 Cleat

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics


The Nike Soccer Superfly 6 is one of the best Soccer cleats for orthotics because it comes with a multi-ground plate present in the footwear, which ensures it gives excellent traction on both artificial and natural grass with good arch support.

As a professional or an amateur soccer player when you choose the Nike Youth Soccer Superfly 6, it gives your foot 100% percent stability and support that makes it easy for the ankles to move freely without any discomfort while playing.

The materials used in producing the Superfly 6 give room for the synthetic upper layer to wrap around your foot really well for protection.

While both the outsole and midsole of the cleat also play a major role in protecting the toes and ankle from injury.

Adidas Copa 20

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics


For those who are a fan of the Adidas Copa 20 soccer cleat for orthotics, their reasons for picking this cleat are well justified because it features foam padding around the Achilles and heel that provides a cushioned level of support for the foot.

The lace of this cleat also makes them easy to wear with the open central style which allows players to loosen or tighten it to make them feel more comfortable.

Just like the Copa Mundial, the Copa 20 is made of kangaroo leather with a synthetic lining, and it gives stability and durability on the field.

With these cleats on your feet, you can rest assured of excellent comfort and arch support.

It also helps give you excellent control on the ground when making that dashing run without any form of discomfort or pain that could lead to soreness of the toes.

Puma FUTURE Z Cleat 

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics


Is Puma FUTURE Z one of the best soccer cleats for orthotics? Yes, because this cleat is designed to suit your foot with the materials providing excellent natural stretch that makes your movements on the pitch smooth.

The cleat gives you the ability to move freely on the field without even feeling the pounding of the surface under your foot. In terms of the quality of its lacing system, the lace was made to come higher around the ankle for better flexibility in how you wear it around the ankle and Achilles.

Another excellent feature that makes Puma FUTURE Z a go-to is that it provides the player with better acceleration with an outsole that is made perfectly to withstand any quicker runs.

The coating of the cleat also offers a good upper grip for ball control and arch support.

Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Cleat

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics


The Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial cleat is our number 1 pick because it gives that unrivaled comfort and excellent arch support.

Being one of the leather-made cleats in the market, aside from the fact that is one of the best soccer cleats for orthotics it also gives the foot proper stability, aids in supplying blood to the veins, and provides balance evenly to the foot without pain.

The long copper tongue of these cleats makes sure the toes are well protected, and the insole also gives the player high comfort, arch support, and excellent grip.

While the insole gives players high comfortability, arch support, and excellent grip, the outsole also does the same because it comes with dual density.

Other Best Options

Puma Men’s Ultra 2.2 Cleat

Adidas Men’s X 18.3 Cleat

Lotto Maestro 100 IV Cleat

Adidas Predator 19.3 Cleat

Adidas Men’s Adizero Cleat

Final Whistle

While the cleats mentioned above are our best choice of soccer cleats for orthotics you could go for those with perfect durability, comfortability, traction, and materials used in producing them.


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