7 Best Youth Soccer Clubs In San Antonio

7 Best Youth Soccer Clubs in San Antonio

When it comes to soccer, finding the right youth soccer club for your child is really important.

You want your child to have fun and also get better at playing the game.

There are so many clubs to choose from, which can be overwhelming.

To help you out, here’s a list of the seven best youth soccer clubs in San Antonio. These clubs are great for kids who want to improve their skills and have everything they need to succeed.

Things To Consider Before Picking A Youth Soccer Club

7 Best Youth Soccer Clubs in San Antonio

It’s important to make a thoughtful decision when choosing a youth soccer club for your child, rather than basing it solely on personal biases or the choices of others.

Consider the following criteria before making your decision:

Helping Players Improve

A good youth soccer club should have its sights set on player improvement rather than just winning games.

Seek out a club that prioritizes developing players’ skills and understanding of the game.

The club should have a clear roadmap for player progression.

As your child improves, it’s vital that the club offers opportunities for advancement to higher age groups. A well-structured system for moving up ensures that your child’s growth as a player is nurtured and celebrated.

Remember, the true progress lies in the development of your child’s soccer skills and their passion for the game, rather than merely focusing on the outcome of each match.

Club Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a youth soccer club can greatly impact your child’s experience.

Look for a club that feels welcoming and friendly. They should encourage teamwork, respect, and good sportsmanship.

It’s important that the club is open to players from different backgrounds and treats everyone fairly and kindly.

Everyone should feel included and valued, no matter where they come from.

This positive environment will not only help your child improve their soccer skills but also teach them important values that they can carry with them in life.


Picking the right youth soccer club with good coaches is super important.

Having awesome soccer coaches can make a huge impact on your child’s soccer journey. Look for clubs that have coaches with lots of experience and a deep understanding of the game.

You want coaches who are patient, and supportive, and can give your child useful advice to help them improve their skills.

It’s also important to check if the coach is certified to coach youth soccer. That means they have the proper training to guide and teach your child in the best way possible.

Fields and Facilities

It’s important to ensure that the fields at the club are well-maintained and safe for your child to play on.

They should be the right size for your child’s age and skill level, creating a suitable environment for their development.

Having access to indoor facilities is a bonus, especially during bad weather.

This allows your child to continue practicing and improving their skills even when it’s raining or snowing outside.

Indoor facilities provide a backup plan, ensuring that your child’s training doesn’t get interrupted and their progress stays on track.

Cost and Time

Money matters, so find a club that won’t make your wallet cry foul.

Look for one that doesn’t require you to sell that jewelry granny gifted you last summer just to afford the registration fees.

Remember, you’re looking for a soccer club, not a luxury vacation package.

Time is precious, and so is your child’s sanity.

Make sure the club’s schedule doesn’t turn your family into time travelers, rushing from home to the club. Let your child have room to breathe, relax, and enjoy being a kid.

Finding the right balance between cost and time commitment will help you maintain your sanity, your bank account, and your child’s happiness.

So, choose wisely, because you don’t want to end up bankrupt and eventually late for dinner.

Best Soccer Clubs In San Antonio

Classics Elite Soccer Academy

Age Range: U4-19

Location: 1600 E Bitters Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States.

The Classics Elite Soccer Academy is one of the best youth soccer clubs in San Antonio.

Their goal is to help athletes become excellent soccer players.

They welcome players of all ages and skill levels, and their focus is on helping each player reach their full potential, from the beginning of their soccer journey to their entire lives.

Besides teaching soccer skills, they also value important qualities that go beyond the game. They teach players about character, sportsmanship, discipline, fitness, achievement, and how to handle both winning and losing with respect.

Their program is open for players aged 4 to 19. They want players to develop a genuine love for the game that will stay with them for a lifetime, for all the right reasons.

What makes the club unique is that they offer the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) for both boys and girls.

They are the only club in the Bexar County area to provide this opportunity.

The ECNL is the best avenue for developing, identifying, and competing in youth soccer in the United States.

Being part of the ECNL gives players a chance to show off their skills at the highest level and opens doors for future opportunities in soccer.

Barcelona Premier Soccer Club

Barcelona Premier Soccer Club (BPSC) is a soccer club that welcomes players of all skill levels, whether they like to play for fun or compete seriously.

The club has different training programs for different age groups: Mini Cracks (U4-U7), Junior Cracks (U8-U11), and Premier Cracks (U12-U17).

At BPSC, the emphasis is on playing soccer for the love of the game rather than focusing solely on winning or losing.

Players are encouraged to come together as a team, both on and off the field, embodying the true essence of soccer.

The club instills core values such as equality earned by merit, teamwork, communication, responsibility, discipline, and respect.

These values are not only relevant in sports but also in players’ lives and future careers.

BPSC’s goal is to create a positive youth sports culture where players learn important lessons that can be applied both on and off the field.

The club believes that the skills and values developed through soccer will contribute to players’ personal growth and success in various aspects of their lives.

San Antonio United Soccer Club

Age Range: Academy (7-11) Youth (11-14) Senior(15-19)

Location: 29064 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78260, United States

San Antonio United Soccer Club was formed in 2005 and has grown a lot since then, reaching more areas in South Texas.

It was one of the first clubs in San Antonio to focus on competitive soccer coaching, offering players a chance to develop their skills through their Academy or by joining their competitive teams.

Over the years, the club expanded and moved to its own special Sportsplex.

They have achieved great success, winning many championships and tournaments, and even having players sign professional contracts.

This has been really exciting for the members and the club as a whole.

The club’s main goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all players.

They hire the best coaches who are role models and show good leadership skills. Their focus is to be the best grassroots soccer club, offering programs for players of all levels who want to learn, grow, and love the game of soccer.

They teach important values like leadership, integrity, respect, hard work, and excellence, and aim to inspire a lifelong passion for soccer.

SAFC Academy

Age Range: U4-19

Location: 5106 David Edwards Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233, United States

The SAFC was founded in 2016 and is a fully-funded program dedicated to identifying and training soccer players in the San Antonio area.

The goal of the academy is to provide a pathway for players to potentially join the SAFC first team, national teams, or pursue opportunities in college soccer.

Currently, the club has five age group teams that participate in the MLS Elite Youth Development Platform, which is the highest level of youth soccer in the United States.

The club also offers a micro league program for children between the ages of 4 and 7.

This recreational program introduces young kids to the sport of soccer. They are placed in age-appropriate teams, undergo training sessions, and participate in weekend games for a period of 6 weeks.

The club also has an extensive soccer platform called the EliteTraining program, this platform is a partnership with SAFC and other youth soccer clubs in the area.

Its purpose is to identify and develop talented athletes in various age groups, grooming them to potentially become future players.

San Antonio City Soccer Club

Age Range: U4-19

Location: 2552 Boardwalk St, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States

San Antonio City Soccer Club is one of the most successful and respected youth sports programs in San Antonio.

They consistently win championships at both the conference and national levels.

The club is known for playing with great intensity, focus, joy, and enthusiasm, which attracts a lot of fans from the soccer community.

The club always respects the game, referees, and their opponents, and they are considered the best example of a club in South Texas.

They compete smartly, working together and never giving up. They make their opponents play faster and work harder to earn any success.

Academic success is also important to the club.

Many of their players regularly receive academic honors in high school, showing that they value both school and soccer.

San Antonio City Soccer Club is also actively involved in the community. They give back to the community as a way of saying thank you for the opportunity to represent them.

They understand the importance of being part of the community, both on and off the field.

Impact Soccer Club

Age Range: U7-18

Location: 7299 Luskey Blvd, San Antonio, TX  78256, United States

Impact Soccer Club was founded on the belief that soccer should be accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of their financial circumstances.

They aim to provide a high-quality competitive soccer experience for individuals in the Alamo area.

The club offers both academy teams, which play during the fall and spring seasons in alignment with the AAYSA philosophy, and competitive teams, which participate in the state league WDDOA.

The WDDOA provides a good level of competition for players to continuously develop their skills.

One unique aspect of being part of Impact Soccer Club is the opportunity to participate in their High-Performance program.

Through this program, players have the chance to travel and play professionally in a European country.

The club not only trains and develops its players but also helps place them with one of its European affiliates, creating an exciting opportunity for aspiring players.

Premier Futbol Academy

Age Range: U6-10, U11-19

Location: 8610 Wagyu, San Antonio, TX 78254, United States

This soccer club is highly regarded and has gained a strong reputation in the area.

They offer two types of programs for different age groups, catering to players of all skill levels.

The Premier Academy is designed for 6 to 10-year-olds and focuses on developing fundamental soccer skills and techniques. Trainers pay special attention to the players’ physical fitness, ensuring they have a strong foundation in the sport.

For players aged 10 to 19, the Premier Competitive Academy offers advanced training and coaching.

Certified coaches guide the players in honing their soccer skills and tactics.

The players also have the opportunity to participate in competitions against other teams in the San Antonio area, providing valuable experience and a chance to prove their abilities.

Premier Futbol Academy goes beyond simply being a training hub for aspiring players. They strive to instill confidence and a love for the game in their players as they prepare for competitive-level soccer.

The club’s focus extends beyond the soccer pitch.

They aim to develop not only the players’ soccer skills but also their character and passion for the game.

By providing a positive and supportive environment, the academy helps players grow both on and off the field.

Final Whistle – Youth Soccer Clubs In San Antonio

Choose the right soccer club for your kids.

This decision can have a big impact on their growth as a soccer player and as a person.

To make the best choice, you should look at different things like the club’s reputation, what they believe in, the coaches they have, the facilities they offer, and the opportunities they provide.

Remember, taking the time to find the right now can make a big difference in how much your child enjoys the game and how successful they can be in the future.


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