7 Of The Best Chelsea FC Podcasts (2022)

7 Of The Best Chelsea FC Podcasts (2022)

As an avid Chelsea fan, there’s no better way to get the best of every action than by binging through the Chelsea FC podcast.

A podcast is a collection or series of digital audio programs that are made available for downloading or listening to via the internet. Podcasts are usually recorded by an individual or individuals who lead a conversation that focuses on a particular topic or theme.

Audio recordings that are played on demand usually from people’s smartphones have risen in popularity in recent years, with the estimated number of listeners rising from 46.1m to 75.9m in the US and from 8.99m to 15.61m in the UK from 2017-2020.

The best Chelsea FC podcast list curated from thousands of podcasts on the web as ranked by traffic, followers, domain authority, and freshness is what we’ll focus on.

Best Chelsea FC Podcasts

The said podcast discusses the most current developments involving the Chelsea men’s and women’s squads, keeping you informed about team news while featuring high-profile guests, such as current Chelsea players and club legends, well-known Blues fans, and media pundits who can provide you with expert knowledge about everything concerning Chelsea FC.

So, which Chelsea FC podcasts should you be listening to right now? Here are 7 of the best.

The Chelsea FanCast is one of the best podcasts around you can listen to or follow, with the creator based in the UK. The podcast comes in two episodes every day and it often lasts 90mins.

  • Straight Outta Cobham

The Straight Outta Cobham podcast is created by the athletic experts which includes Simon Johnson, Liam Twomey, and Dom Field alongside Matt Davies-Adams.

All they do on their two episodes per week podcast is take you through the behind-the-scenes at Stamford Bridge and bring you the very best insight on all the latest happenings at Chelsea for 52min.

  • London Is Blue Podcast

The ‘London Is Blue’ podcast is an audio programming episode for 60min, is born in the US for every Chelsea fan across the globe. The podcast usually covers all things from the English Premier League, and UEFA Champions League to any other competitions the Blues are involved in.

This podcast is an official Chelsea FC podcast hosted by Mike Ryan Ruiz and Chris Wittyngham. Each week you’ll hear exclusive insider interviews with A-list guests plus a blend of Chelsea analysis.

The analysis often comes with humor, pop culture, and an uncensored discussion on the world of soccer about Chelsea which they release monthly.


  • Roman’s Empire Pod

The Roman Empire Pod is an American podcast dedicated to the greatest football club in the world. The creator of the podcast is based in Los Angeles, California, US.

The length of the podcast is 69min per episode which is been created weekly to talk about Chelsea’s latest news, transfer rumors, and analysis about the Blues games.

  • The Chelsea Podcast

This podcast is made possible by actor and diehards Blues fans Phil Daniels, Ceri Levy, and Andy Saunders. In their weekly episode podcast, they bring the most entertaining news ever from SW6, along with some celebrity fans dropping in to give the fans a real view from the Shed End.

  • We Ain’t Got No History

One of the best podcasts to listen to, with a plethora of stories and anecdotes to keep you interested, the depth of information on each subject is impressive.

This podcast is the number audio programming made for all Chelsea fans by SB Nations Community. The podcast is your best plug or source for any quality Chelsea news, rumors, analysis, stats, and scores from the fan’s perspective.

Is Peter Crouch’s podcast free?


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How many listeners does Peter Crouch’s podcast have?

The podcast has been consistently one of the most popular podcasts in the UK since its launch, attracting 12 million since 2019.




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