7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Youth soccer is a growing and competitive sport in the state of Illinois, with lots of clubs dedicated to developing young talent.

These clubs not only offer high-quality coaching but also provide an opportunity for young athletes to hone their skills, build character, and encourage a love for the beautiful game.

In this article, we will take a look at the seven best youth soccer clubs in Illinois, highlighting their achievements, coaching staff, and programs.

Lyons Township Soccer Club

7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Age Range: U 7-18

Location:  4750 Vernon Ave, La Grange, IL 60525, United States

Phone: +1 708-387-8009

Website: LTSC

LTSC, a prominent ‘Five-Star Club’ within the Illinois Youth Soccer Association, is dedicated to providing the ultimate soccer experience in the Midwest Suburbs of Chicago.

This club, founded in 1986, is one of the oldest competitive soccer organizations in the region.

With a dedicated full-time Professional Coaching Staff, each equipped with USSF National Coaching Licenses.

The club is also an official participant in the USYS National League competition. Their core commitment lies in developing players from ages 7 to 18.

LTSC goes above and beyond to offer comprehensive, professional training for players committed to elevating their skills while enjoying the game.

They take pride in their selection of coaches, ensuring they possess extensive experience and qualifications. 

The club aims to impart these high standards to its players, encouraging them to pursue excellence not only in soccer but also in education, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness.

At the heart of LTSC’s mission is the development of the finest players and teams possible, granting the most dedicated athletes the chance to excel to their fullest potential in the world of soccer.


Chicago KICS Football Club

Age Range: U 3 -19

Location: 245 S Michigan Ave #152, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

Phone:  +1 312-210-0482

Website: KICS

Established in 2010 and serving Illinois and Indiana, KICS is a proud member of the US Youth Soccer (USYS) association.

Their commitment lies in providing players with top-tier coaching in the Chicago area, with a constant focus on ongoing training and development to continually enhance the services for players and their families.

KICS coaching staff is highly qualified, with all members holding United States Soccer Federation (USSF) coaching licenses. Also, many of their coaches hold European professional licenses, further elevating the quality of instruction offered.

The club’s belief is in making soccer accessible to all, which is why they offer financial assistance to youth participants who may require support with their player tuition, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to play the game they love.

The aim is to provide an exceptional soccer experience that fosters a lifelong passion for the sport.

There is an embrace of the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, recognizing the importance of empowering players from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

Chicago Fire Juniors

7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Age Range: U5 -19

Location: 3626 N. Talman Ave Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: (773) 944-0527

Website: Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire Youth Soccer Club is a leading force in nurturing young soccer talents in Illinois.

This club is dedicated to not only improving players’ skills but also creating a sense of community where young athletes can flourish both on and off the field.

The club’s highly experienced coaching staff works tirelessly to offer personalized guidance to each player, ensuring that they can achieve their full potential.

By emphasizing values like teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, the club encourages an environment that makes you feel welcome and supported as you pursue your soccer aspirations.

The club caters to different age groups, from 5 to 19 years old, with various levels of commitment.

These options include the Sparks, 8U In-House (both Pre-Travel), Premier Travel, and Select Travel programs. Each program has different expectations regarding training, league and tournament involvement, and travel requirements.

The Premier program has the highest level of competitiveness and offers comprehensive training, while the 8U In-House and Sparks programs act as stepping stones to travel soccer and are conveniently located at our home facility, the Fire Pitch.

Chicago Soccer Academy

7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Age Range: U4 -18

Location: 3 S 2nd St, St. Charles, IL 60174, United States

Phone: +1 847-814-0966

Website: CSA

Founded in 2014, Chicago Soccer Academy, also known as CSA, is a top-tier youth soccer club that serves the communities of Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles, and the surrounding areas in the Fox Valley of Northern Illinois.

The club was founded with a vision for something better than the standard offerings in the soccer world.

Their core commitment lies in the holistic development and education of young athletes, ensuring that each player can realize their full potential both on and off the soccer field.

CSA’s coaches and trainers passionately believe in the potential of every student-athlete, whether it’s during practice sessions or competitive games. Classes are run by the US Soccer Federation and UEFA Licensed Coaches.

Their primary objective is to instill the highest standards of professionalism, ball control, and teamwork in every player.

They achieve this through an innovative training approach that promotes growth on multiple fronts, encompassing technical skills, physical fitness, tactical understanding, and personal development for each team member.



Niles – Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago

7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Age Range: U 4 -19

Location: 8926 N Greenwood Ave STE139, Niles, IL 60714, United States

Phone: +1 224-458-4920

Website: Niles

The club has academies worldwide, including locations in Greece, Cyprus, and Australia.

These academies are officially affiliated with Olympiacos and follow the team’s training standards. Young players who participate in the soccer school training adhere to Olympiacos’ guidelines and wear the club’s uniforms.

Young players have a direct connection to Olympiacos FC’s resident academy in Greece, and they have the opportunity to be selected for the first team.

The club’s players, coaches, and leaders visit the local school to enhance the experience of young players.

The philosophy guiding these associated soccer schools includes:

  1. Providing proper sports and social education to young athletes in alignment with Olympiacos FC’s values and principles.
  2. Training school executives according to the Academy’s operational standards.
  3. Offering sufficient information and support to parents who play a crucial role in shaping the young athletes’ personalities.

The purpose of this network extends beyond competition and commerce; it also has a social dimension. It aims to introduce children to football and sports at a young age, providing them with the knowledge and a strong sports culture that can enable them to participate in various social activities. 

Illinois Youth Soccer Association

Age Range: U3-18

Location: 1655 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, United

Phone: +1 847-290-1577

Website: IYSA

With a proud history dating back to 1975, Illinois Youth Soccer has firmly established its credibility within the Illinois soccer community.

As one of the largest youth sports organizations in the state, it serves approximately 95,000 players, coaches, and referees.

IYSA operates as a non-profit organization with a strong focus on education.

Its primary mission is to promote and conduct skill-based youth development programs in a safe environment, empowering children irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level, or economic status.

These programs are designed to help children learn valuable skills, lead healthy lives, value education, improve their social interactions, and channel their energy toward positive outcomes.

The club also offers job training through nationally recognized coaching and referee courses, age-specific skill learning activities, and the Olympic Development Program, providing children with opportunities to reach their full potential.

Celtic FC Chicago Soccer Club

7 Of The Best Youth Soccer Clubs in Illinois, Chicago

Age Range: U7 -18

Location: 6773 N Ionia Ave, Chicago, IL 60646, United States

Phone: +1 773-540-7878

Website: CFC 

Celtic FC Chicago (CFC) is a registered non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status, founded in 1990 in Chicago, Illinois.

CFC’s origins trace back to its inception as the very first competitive travel soccer program under the Edison Park Youth Association, and it maintains a partnership with the Chicago Park District.

The club caters to youth soccer programs for children aged 6 to 18 within the city of Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods in the northwest area.

Their coaching staff holds professional licenses from the US Soccer Federation, with a primary focus on teaching soccer in a manner that is safe, and enjoyable, and instills a lifelong passion for the sport.

CFC’s central mission revolves around providing the top-tier youth soccer program in Chicago.

They achieve this by placing a strong emphasis on the individual technical development of each player, fostering teamwork, and cultivating a secure, enjoyable, and competitive environment.

Through these dedicated efforts, the organization aims to assist young soccer players in growing into confident, creative individuals, both on the field and within their communities.