Can A Player Score Directly From A Throw-In In Soccer? 2023 | Know The Rules

In soccer, a throw-in is an act of shooting the ball by using the hands, but can you score from a throw-in in soccer?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. It is not possible to score from a throw-in in soccer. The throw-in can be favorable to the team as it creates room for goal-scoring chances.

In this article, we look into what happens if the ball gets directly into the net and if one can score from a throw-in.

But before we do that, let us know what a throw-in means.

What Is A Throw-in In Soccer?

Can A Player Score Directly From A Throw-In In Soccer? | Know The Rules

Before delving into the specifics of whether a goal can be scored from a throw-in, it is important to first understand what a throw-in actually entails in soccer.

Essentially, a throw-in is a method whereby a player retrieves the ball from out of play and proceeds to throw it back onto the field to restart the game.

A throw-in is awarded when the ball goes out of play on the sidelines, and it is given to the team that did not cause it to go out of bounds.

For instance, if the defending team was responsible for kicking the ball out, then the attacking team would be awarded the throw-in.

When taking a throw-in, players are required to adhere to a specific set of rules.

They must ensure that the ball does not travel too far down the field, and they must throw it using both hands over their head while having both feet fixed on the ground.

In the event of a violation of these rules, such as throwing the ball using an underhand method or taking a running start, a foul throw is called.

This results in the opposing team being awarded the throw-in instead. Although foul throws are not very common in modern soccer, they can still occur from time to time.

Can A Goal Be Scored From A Throw-In In Soccer?

In Soccer, it is not possible to score a goal directly from a throw-in. This rule is in an agreement with the Laws of the Game specifically Law 15 which clearly states that:

“a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in.”

The rule may seem unfair but it has helped to prevent soccer players from scoring easily.

The position where a player stands for a throw-in is closer to the opposing team goal post, as such, it is easy to score the goal just by throwing.

To bend the rule and deem it fit, the Laws of the Game also states that:

“if the ball enters the opponent’s goal, then a goal kick is awarded and if the ball enters the thrower’s goal, then a corner kick is to be awarded.”

All is fair in love, war, and soccer.

Teams will either be awarded a corner kick or a goal kick if the ball enters the goalpost from a throw-in. A throw-in is achieved by throwing the ball using the hand.

In soccer, it is an offense to score a goal directly from the hand, which is why it to not possible to score a goal directly from a throw-in. 

The game is all about the legs, using the legs to control, manipulate, dribble, handle, and of course score, a goal, so it wouldn’t be appropriate or sensible to score a goal using the hands or arms.

If the goal can easily be scored using hands, then most soccer players would not see the importance of improving their skills or having teamwork on the field.

The game balances this out but exercises the rule that no goal would be scored by a throw-in.

However, this rule permits and allows players to shoot a short throw-in, which gives room to create goal-scoring chances for the team.

If a player shoots a short throw-in toward his teammate, the teammate could easily create a goal-scoring chance by kicking the ball into the net or passing to another player who is closest to the net to score a goal for the team.

Although easier said than done, this tactic requires a high level of cooperation, effective teamwork, and communication to navigate the ball into the net and score goals.

How Could You Score From a Throw-In?

Although scoring directly from a throw-in is not allowed under the current laws of the game, there are still ways for your team to take advantage of this set piece and potentially score a goal.

One approach is to use a long throw-in specialist such as Rory Delap, Okocha, or Thomas Partey who can accurately throw the ball into the 18-yard box, allowing your attackers to capitalize on the chaos it causes in the opposition’s defense and score a goal with a well-placed header.

However, even if you don’t have a specialist, a short throw-in can be equally effective when taken correctly. By throwing the ball to a player on the edge of the box, your team can set up a cross for your strikers to head into the net.

Alternatively, if a player receives the ball from a throw-in in a shooting position, they can attempt to score with their feet. There is even a way to score from an opposition’s throw-in if your team is skilled in high-pressing tactics.

By pressuring the opposition deep in their own half, you can steal the ball once they throw it back onto the pitch and score in the usual manner.

While mastering these methods can be challenging, it can give your team a strategic advantage and catch even the most formidable opponents off guard.

Can You Score If Another Player Touches the Ball After a Throw-In?

Throughout this article, you will notice that I repeatedly mentioned that a goal cannot be scored “directly” from a throw-in. This is because it is a rule that is stipulated by the laws of the game.

However, there is more to it than just the rule.

If the ball touches any player, such as the goalkeeper or any other player after the throw-in and then proceeds to cross the goal line, a goal will be awarded.

The reason for this is that the goal will have been scored indirectly from the throw-in rather than directly. In this case, the ball touched another player before finding its way into the goal.

It’s important to note that the ball can’t touch an opposing player before entering the goal. If that happens, the goal will be disallowed and a foul will be given to the opposing team.

Also, if the ball goes out of play from a throw-in without being touched by another player, a goal kick or corner kick will be awarded depending on which team last touched the ball.

Will There Be Any Changes To The Throw-In Rules?

The governing body of soccer is unlikely to make any changes to the rules that would allow for a goal to be scored directly from a throw-in.

This is because soccer has a long and rich history, and any significant changes to the game’s core principles are rare.

It’s also worth noting that modifying the rules to suit players’ or fans’ desires would likely be met with resistance from lovers of the beautiful game.

While scoring directly from a throw-in could potentially make the game more exciting and force teams to be more strategic during throw-ins, it could also lead to teams overusing the tactic and taking the enjoyment out of set-piece routines.


Can a Soccer Goalie Pick Up the Ball from a Throw-in?

If a player from the opposing team takes a throw-in, the goalkeeper is allowed to pick up or catch the ball in soccer.

However, if a player from the goalkeeper’s own team takes a throw-in, the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball with their hands.

This is because the goalkeeper is considered to be on the same team as the player who took the throw-in, and the ball has not touched any other player before being touched by the goalkeeper.

If the goalkeeper does touch the ball with their hands after a throw-in by their own team, the opposition team will be awarded an indirect free-kick.

Can a goal be scored directly from a goalkeeper’s throw?

A goalkeeper can not score a goal by throwing the ball into another team’s goal. If that somehow happens, it would be a goal kick. 

Can you be offside from a throw-in?

No offense!

There is no offside offense if a player receives the ball directly from a goal kick. a throw-in.

Final Whistle

Sorry to burst your bubble, you can’t score a goal directly from a throw-in in soccer, that’s just the way it is. If you manage to lob the ball into the net without any help from your teammates, the opposing team will be awarded a goal kick.

And if your throw-in is blocked by the goalkeeper or defense, your team might get a corner kick if the ball goes out of play.

You can still score from a throw-in if the ball bounces off one of your teammates or opposition before hitting the back of the net.

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