How Do You Wear a Soccer Jersey With Jeans? | 2024

How Do You Wear a Soccer Jersey With Jeans

In the land of baseball caps and apple pies, soccer jerseys have found an unlikely but enthusiastic fan base: Americans. While soccer might not dominate the conversation year-round, when the Soccer Mundial rolls around, suddenly everyone’s a soccer expert.

Soccer jerseys hold a special allure for Americans; they’re not just garments, but symbols of fashion, boasting beauty and versatility that appeal to everyone, provided the right size is chosen.

But why the love affair with soccer jerseys?

Well, for one, they’re the fashion equivalent of a Swiss Army knife – they just work for everyone. And they have a knack for hopping on trends faster than you can say “instant coffee,” even if they’re not entirely sure why.

What sets soccer jerseys apart from the humdrum office attire? They’re bold, they’re colorful, and they scream personality louder than a halftime pep talk.

Unlike the bland, single, or dual-colored garments, soccer jerseys exude vibrancy and flair.

And when the heatwave hits and you’re sweating like a snowman in July, soccer jerseys are your saving grace.

They’re light, they’re airy, and they pair perfectly with everyone’s favorite. Paired with jeans, a staple in many wardrobes, soccer jerseys effortlessly complement various styles, resulting in a timeless and versatile ensemble.

However, mastering the art of combining soccer jerseys with jeans goes beyond mere familiarity; it involves understanding how to achieve a fashionable look.

Not every soccer jersey meshes seamlessly with any pair of jeans, and discerning the right occasion for this ensemble is key.

How To Wear a Soccer Jersey With jeans?

Not everyone wearing a soccer jersey follows soccer. Some just like the look, even though they don’t watch the games.

In the U.S., many people aren’t into soccer as much as they are into American football and basketball. So when Americans wear soccer jerseys, it’s often more about fashion than love for a team.

Even though soccer might not make total sense to Americans, they still find soccer jerseys hard to resist. They care more about how they look in the jersey with their jeans than which team it represents.

Americans love jeans—they’re a staple of American fashion. Anything that goes well with jeans tends to be popular.

People often choose replica soccer jerseys because they feel more like regular T-shirts, not like they’re pretending to be soccer stars. Soccer jerseys go great with jeans and sneakers, especially for those who like a casual look.

If you’re a bit heavier, soccer jerseys with longer sleeves tend to look better with jeans than ones with short sleeves. But no matter what, avoid wearing baggy jeans with soccer jerseys—they just don’t match.

If you have some nice soccer jerseys but aren’t sure how to wear them with jeans, we’ve got some trendy ideas to help you improve your style.

How Do You Wear a Soccer Jersey With Jeans

Choose the Right Fit

Choosing the right fit for both your soccer jersey and jeans is essential for a stylish look.

Here’s how to ensure the perfect fit for each

Soccer Jersey Fit

  • Look for a jersey that fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose. It should allow you to move freely.
  • Pay attention to the length of the sleeves and the overall length of the jersey. Longer sleeves may look better on some body types, while others might prefer shorter sleeves.
  • Consider the neckline of the jersey. Some people prefer crew necks, while others like V-necks. Choose what flatters your body shape and personal style.
  • If you’re unsure about sizing, try the jersey on before purchasing or consult the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer.

Jeans Fit

  • Jeans should fit snugly around your waist without being too tight or too loose. They should sit comfortably at your waistline without digging in.
  • Pay attention to the rise of the jeans. High-rise jeans sit at or above your natural waist, while low-rise jeans sit below the waist. Choose the rise that feels most comfortable for you.
  • Consider the leg style of the jeans. Skinny jeans offer a tight fit throughout the leg, while straight-leg jeans offer a more relaxed fit. Choose the style that complements your body shape and personal preference.
  • Check the length of the jeans. They should hit just above the top of your shoes without dragging them on the ground.
  • When trying on jeans, make sure you can move comfortably in them and that they don’t restrict your movement.

Tuck or Untuck

Whether to tuck or untuck your soccer jersey depends on personal preference and the length of the jersey.

Tucking it in creates a cleaner look while leaving it untucked gives a more relaxed vibe. Choose the option that complements your style and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.


Adding accessories is important when you’re wearing a soccer jersey with jeans.

You can think about adding things like a belt, watch, or hat that goes well with your outfit. These items can help show off your personality and make your outfit look better.

It’s a good idea to choose accessories that match the colors of your jersey and jeans.

But don’t add too many accessories, or it might look too busy. Just pick a few that look good together.

By doing this, you can make your soccer jersey and jeans outfit look stylish and put-together, showing off your style and personality.


If it’s cold enough outside, you can layer up your outfit by wearing a denim jacket or a bomber jacket over your soccer jersey.

This not only keeps you warm but also adds a stylish touch to your look.

It’s a great way to add some extra flair and personality to your outfit while staying cozy. Just make sure the weather is right for layering, and you’ll be ready to rock your soccer jersey and jacket combo with confidence

Soccer Jersey and Jeans Combine for a Unique Style

When you’re deciding how to wear your soccer jersey and jean shorts or pants, don’t hold back, you can style up uniquely.

I’ll show you some cool ways to wear them without looking too sporty.

Soccer Jerseys with Unbuttoned Shirts

  • Layering a stylish unbuttoned shirt over your soccer jersey can enhance your outfit. Colorful shirts can complement your jersey and jeans, giving you a stylish look.
  • Mixing colors well is key. Avoid using too many colors to prevent a fashion faux pas.

Painted Soccer Jerseys with Jeans

  • You don’t have to stick to your team’s jersey color. If your jeans don’t match, consider painting your jersey to match them.
  • This saves you from buying new jeans and adds a unique touch to your style, possibly even starting a trend. It lets you customize your look fashionably.

Short Soccer Jersey with Jean Shorts

How Do You Wear a Soccer Jersey With Jeans
  • For girls, wearing a short soccer jersey with high-waisted jean shorts gives you a trendy, city look.
  • If you don’t want to damage your jersey, you can lift it up and tie it on the side like a crop top, showing a bit of your tummy.
  • Tight crop tops are sexy, especially with snug jean shorts, waist chains, retro sunglasses, and matching sneakers or boots.

Long Soccer Jerseys as Dresses

How Do You Wear a Soccer Jersey With Jeans
  • Oversized soccer jerseys can look awkward, but instead of cutting them, wear them like dresses, with jean shorts underneath for comfort.
  • This style suits both fuller and slimmer figures and makes your legs appear longer. Add sporty long socks and stylish white sneakers to complete the look.