10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

In soccer, we have seen both soccer players and referees wearing black jerseys.

Traditionally, the color black is attributed to soccer referees and other officials. We even heard the referee being called “the men in black” often which befits them always being in black.

But today, in recent times, we see several soccer team players that play in black jerseys. It makes you wonder if the black jersey belongs to soccer team players or the referees. 

As unusual as it may seem, black jerseys quite stand out on these soccer teams.

Something is captivating and intriguing about this unusual choice of color.

Most jerseys worn by soccer teams are either in red, blue, white, yellow, green, or pink, but the color black many times gives the team the spotlight as people become curious as to what the team is all about and why choose to rock in those colors.

Is it aesthetic, historical roots, culture, and tradition?

However, this unorthodox choice of color is completely left to the club to decide and there are some restrictions placed by the Football Association (FA) on what color soccer teams should wear.

Despite all these rules, some teams still choose to wear the black jersey and create their game style on the pitch.

Let’s walk you down to the 10 best soccer teams with black jerseys that have stood out on the pitch, in their game style, and have made significant progress in their playing career.

Casale Football Club (FBC)

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

The football club, Casale is an Italian football club based in Casale Monferrato, Piedmont.

The club displays its rich history and identity by playing in black jerseys.

Casale FBC is remarkably known for emerging winners in the Serie A Italian Club in 1913 with a finishing score of 2-1.

At present, the team plays in Serie D, which is the fourth level of the Italian Football League System.

Concerning their team colors, Casale FBC plays in an all-black jersey with a white star on it.

Their color represents toughness and the need to shine in high spirits just like the white star on the jersey.

For this, the team is nicknamed “Nerostellati” which means “The Starred Blacks”, just like the color and white star on their jersey.

CF Montrèal

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

CF Montreal, previously known as Montrèal Impact is a professional Canadian football club based in Montrèal, Canada.

The club presently competes in the Major League Soccer, MLS.

The team previously played in blue jerseys but in 2021, they took a dark turn and chose a new color.

After rebranding, the team’s new colors were officially marketed as “Impact Black”, “Ice Gray”, and “Sacrè Bleu”.

Despite this rebranding, the team is seen often wearing an all-black jersey.

The color embodies the team’s new identity and dedication to the game of soccer, the people, and the city of Montrèal.

Minnesota FC

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, this football club is an American soccer club that plays in the Western Conference, Major League Soccer (MLS).

Embracing their identity and history, the team changed their color to black.  

Staying true and loyal to its historical roots, Saint Paul, the team plays for cities within.

Originally, the team’s official colors were “Gray”, “Sky blue”, “Red”, and an accent of “Black”.

These colors hold value to the team as it represents and pays homage to its historical roots in Minnesota, Minneapolis, the Mississippi River, and Saint Paul.

It tells the story that the team is deeply connected to its cities and the people. Although the team wears more than one color, it is still regarded as one of the 10 best soccer teams with black jerseys.

Houston Dynamo

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Houston Dynamo is another one of the 10 best soccer teams with black jerseys.

The team as well competes in the Major League Soccer (MLS) and has now even won the MLS Cup consecutive times in 2006 and 2007.

The Houston Dynamo’s official colors are “Wildcatter Orange”, “Space City Blue”, and “Raven Black” which represent the team’s positive energy and historical connection to the city of Houston.

Staying true to the city of Houston, the team is mostly recognized for wearing the orange jerseys but as an alternative, the team plays in black jerseys as well.

Los Angeles FC (LAFC)

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Los Angeles Football Club is another team that plays in black jerseys. The club is based in Los Angeles, United States.

The soccer team competes in the MLS as well.

This club was founded in 2014 with their official colors revealed in 2016 as “Black” and “Gold”.

These colors showcase the team’s bold sense of style and zeal to pursue victory in the game of soccer. In addition, the logo of the team is connected to where the club is based, Los Angeles.

It shows LA on the jersey, representing the city’s initials, Los Angeles. 

New Zealand

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Although widely referred to as the “All Whites”, New Zealand sometimes change their white jerseys to play in an all-black.

The football team represents its country in playing at international games like the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup. 

The team dons the white jersey to exude the positive spirits of New Zealand and black to showcase its rich heritage and cultural connection.

With the team’s option to wear black, they wear it as an away uniform more to stand out on the pitch and be easily recognized.

DC United

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

DC United is an American soccer team based in Washington DC, United States.

The team competes in MLS and top-level American Soccer League where they proudly wear black jerseys.

Although, the team is referred to as “Black and Red”, their primary color is black which embodies their unity and power.

In addition, the color choice exudes the team’s dedication and strength to the game of soccer. 

Vasco da Gama

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Donning the dark side, Vasco da Gama proudly wears the black jersey to represent the team’s rich history, and cultural tradition, and one of the 10 best soccer teams to wear black jerseys.

The club was established in 1898 by Brazilian and Portuguese foreign workers.

At first, the team’s initial identity was an all-black with a white tie and belt. In 1929, the team took off the tie and belt, and in 1930, the team underwent a major change. 

The team now wears a white jersey with a crosswire in black.

The combination of white and crosswise black is attributed to this team and is easily recognized by its fans.

The team is a Brazilian one and is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Eintracht Frankfurt

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Eintracht Frankfurt is a German football team based in Frankfurt, Germany.

The club competes in the Bundesliga and is one of the oldest clubs in Germany. The team embraces the color black in their jersey to represent their great accomplishment and commitment in the Bundesliga.

Most often, the team is seen in all-black kits during European Competitions, this act shows their unity on the pitch as well.

The team’s official colors are “Black”, “White”, and “Red” which represent their sense of style and dedication to cultural traditions.

Orlando Pirates

10 Famous Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

Orlando Pirates is a South-African club based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The team is renowned for its iconic black and white jersey, which has become its identity. The club was established in 1937, which makes it one of the oldest clubs in South Africa. 

“The Sea Robbers” also known as, wears the black jersey to showcase the club’s heritage and serve as an inspiration to young soccer players to never give up their dreams for the game.

Also, the team is known for its involvement in one of the world’s most vicious African soccer derbies, the Soweto Derby.

Through this involvement, the team has been able to set itself as an emblem of respect, devotion, and dedication to South African Football.

Their bold choice of color radiates courage and intimidation on the pitch.

Final Whistle

In soccer, colors are not only used for aesthetic value but also, to embody and emphasize the team’s historical roots, loyalty, cultural connection, and unity amongst themselves.

The 10 best soccer teams with black jerseys have been discussed in this article, although, there are other teams worthy of mention like Blackpool FC, Dalkurd FF, Sport Boys, Victoria SC, Pohang Steelers, and lots more that proudly wear black jerseys.

These teams wear their jersey to pay respect to their historical and cultural beliefs.

They bring their high spirits and energy to the game while serving as inspirations for younger soccer players