5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC | Mac & Windows In 2023

5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

If you’re looking for the best soccer games on PC, you have come to the right place.

As a soccer lover, it is only right that you’re choosy because you want the best experience, excitement, and surprise too.

When it comes to the beautiful game, computer graphics and user experience have helped tremendously to make it a virtual reality to keep you entertained; that is, it feels like you are out there on the pitch like Lionel Messi or even better, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Instead of wondering which game to play or which computer graphics are to your taste, here’s a list of the best soccer games you can download on PC with your preference in mind. 

5 Best Soccer Games On PC

  1. FIFA 23
  2. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
  3. Football, Tactics, & Glory
  4. Football Manager 
  5. Rocket League


5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

FIFA is the most popular soccer game and you can easily find it in the home of a soccer lover.

FIFA 23 was launched just a few months back and players swooped in to purchase the new release. 

No wonder it is compared to iPhone Apple due to new releases every year.

FIFA is an exciting game with over 100 million copies in the world owned by EA Sports. It ranges from different releases yearly but FIFA 2012 has had a whopping 3.2 million copies sold making it the fastest to sell out. 

The gaming graphics is one of the many reasons players and playettes swoop to get a copy of the yearly new releases.

What We Love About FIFA 23

Here are some reasons why we love FIFA 23:

  • The FIFA game has smooth graphics and animations. With every new release, the graphics and gaming styles are updated.
  • It offers different gaming modes from Multiplayer, Single Match, and Pro Player, to Tournament.
  • It also offers players to be in charge of managing world-class clubs and star players; go ahead and feel like a real manager. 
  • You can also be in charge of controlling your match length, injuries, substitution numbers, and many more.
  • The latest versions of FIFA offer “Story Mode” which makes you experience an RPG game. 
  • Lastly, you can relive exciting games as you can save goals and replay the actions for later for other players and friends.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)/ E-Football

5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

Pro Evolution Soccer also called PES and other times eFootball is another best soccer game on PC you can download to play.

The only downside about this game is that it doesn’t give licenses to teams and players around the world. 

Many times, PES has been preferred over FIFA because of its lower price, easy accessibility, and mimics of real soccer. Although, FIFA remains tops. 

What We Love About PES

Here are some reasons as to what we love about PES game:

  • The PES game simulates real soccer and gives real-life experience for players.
  • It features a thing called “Magic Moment” which put finesse to your gameplay.
  • It gives you the power over kicks, actions, shots, etc.
  • The computer graphics are impressive.
  • You can personalize your gameplay styles.

Football, Tactics, & Glory

5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

Football, Tactics, & Glory (FTG) is a different game that gives you a fusion of both game plan and gameplay.

The game was created by the Creoteam and announced on Steam in 2015 and was later released 3 years after. 

The game is mostly for players who like the thrill and mystery behind soccer.

Players who want to develop their team from the beginning, who want to tackle and lead a shot goal, customize their stadium, and even hire coaches for the team players are going to enjoy playing FTG. It gives you the gameplay but in real life.

What We Love About FTG

Here are some reasons why we love the FTG game:

  • The FTG game allows you to build your team from the amateur level, you can even sell and trade foreign players as well.
  • You learn to pick up new strategies and tactics while playing on FTG.
  • With the RPG element, points are added to you when a player joins the match. It gives an extra flair and edge to the game. 
  • It offers Multiplayer mode to enable you to play with friends and other players although you have to invite them to the game.
  • It offers other playing modes like Tournament and Campaign modes.


Football Manager 

5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

Football Manager is one of the best soccer games on PC. It is yet another game that releases a new version yearly to offer virtual kicks to its players and playettes out there.

It is a series developed by British Sports Developers and Interactive and later published by Sega.

Formerly known as Championship Manager in 1992, it one time lost its naming rights but was able to back up engine game and data. Due to this, Sega was able to come in and rebrand the game to now, Football Manager.

Football Manager is loved by players and playettes because of team management by only a single player.

The game is made for a single player to manage his team and act as a coach and of course manager. 


Here are some reasons why we love the Football Manager:

  • The Football Manager game gives you the power of a coach; you get to own the pitch and manage it like Sir Alex Ferguson who’s my brother’s favorite coach and manager of all time. 
  • You can also build and manage your team of players.
  • New updates are released to keep you on your, in this case, hands.
  • If you are a newbie, the User Interface (UI) and signal controls of the game make it easy for you to navigate and find your way around your team of players.

Rocket League

5 Of The Best Soccer Games On PC

Have you ever thought of soccer but with cars and vehicles? Don’t think too far as the studio Psyonix has already done that and went further ahead to develop it.

My first-time experience was mind-blowing. This is why I made this the last of the best soccer games on PC. Saved the best for last, am I right?

Rocket League instead of players make use of cars, vehicles, machines, or whatever you call it to give you that soccer feeling regardless.

Ever since its launch, this game has sold over 5 million copies to players and playettes over the world. A popular series is Asphalt 6.

What We Love About ROCKET LEAGUE

Here are some reasons why we love the Rocket League:

  • The Rocket League game has a User Interface (UI) that is slick and smooth.
  • It offers different gaming modes like Hoops, Dropshot, etc.
  • It also offers options if you want to play singly or play with friends and family – the Multiplayer mode.


Which is better FIFA or PES PC?

If you are big on smoothness, ease, and accessibility, FIFA is the better choice for you. But if you want to experience real-life soccer, consider going for PES PC.

Is eFootball 2023 free?

Yes, you can download eFootball on your PC for free.

Which is the best FIFA for PC?

Determining the best FIFA game for PC depends on individual preferences and the specific features one is looking for in a soccer game.

However, here are some of the most popular FIFA games that have received critical acclaim and have a large player base:

  • FIFA 22
  • FIFA 18
  • FIFA 12
  • FIFA 12

Can PC players play FIFA?


PC players can play FIFA as the game is available on multiple platforms. FIFA games have been released for PC for many years, and the latest versions of the game are compatible with Windows operating systems.

FIFA 23 is the first game in the football series to support cross-platform play across different platforms.

Which is better FIFA or PES PC?

If you prioritize accessibility and easy gameplay over realism, FIFA may be the better option for you.

However, if you are willing to invest more time in learning the game mechanics for a more realistic experience, then PES may be the preferable choice.

How much GB is FIFA on PC?

The storage space required for FIFA games on a PC varies depending on the version of the game and whether it includes additional downloadable content (DLC). Here are the approximate file sizes for some of the recent FIFA games on PC:

  • FIFA 22: 50 GB
  • FIFA 21: 35 GB
  • FIFA 20: 50 GB
  • FIFA 19: 47 GB

Can I install FIFA on my PC?


You can install FIFA on your PC if it meets the minimum system requirements for the game. The system requirements may vary depending on the version of FIFA you want to install. Here are the minimum system requirements for FIFA 23:

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10 Processor (AMD)
  • Athlon X4 880K @4GHz or equivalent Processor (Intel)
  • Core i3-6100 @3.7GHz or equivalent Memory
  • 8 GB Graphics card (AMD): Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent Graphics card (NVIDIA)
  • GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent Online Connection Requirements
  • 512kbps minimum internet speed.
  • An Internet Connection is required to install and play.

To install FIFA on your PC, you can buy the game from digital distribution platforms such as Steam, Origin, or the official EA website.

After that, follow the instructions to download and install the game on your PC.


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