15 Reasons Why Soccer Is The Easiest Sport (To Learn & Play)

Soccer is one of the most played sports in the world, with participation from virtually every country. Aside from being easy to play, it’s accessible and doesn’t require much planning or a significant location to engage in this physical yet fun sport.

We’ll explain why soccer is one of the most accessible sports to play and learn.

Reasons Why Soccer Is the Easiest Sport

Soccer, also known as football in some countries, is played in every country at any time. It is the most loved and most played sport as well.

To engage in playing soccer, you don’t need much; all you need is a ball and maybe a net or a makeshift goalpost. Sports generally trigger passion in people, whether the player or the viewers, but certain things distinguish soccer from other sports like basketball, baseball, or American football.

Here are reasons why soccer is the most accessible sport to play and learn;

  • Inexpensive

One of the reasons why soccer is easy to play is because it’s very cheap to engage in. The sport can even be played without using a soccer ball, a plastic bottle or a ball or paper will work just fine. However, if you want to buy an absolute ball, you can get a soccer ball for as low as 10 dollars.

Using a net is not also necessary when making the goalpost; you can just use two stones, bad car tires, or rocks to signify where the goalpost is supposed to be. You can also play with your sandals, sneakers, or even barefoot.

15 Reasons Why Soccer Is the Easiest Sport (To Learn & Play)

You can use it anywhere, from a small space in the street to your garden to play the sport.

  • Easy To Learn

Soccer is basic to learn. The game’s basic rules are straightforward to learn, teach, and understand. Unlike American football, basketball, or baseball, soccer is so easy to learn.

The fundamental rules in soccer are

  • The game is played for 90 minutes.
  • There are two halves of 45 minutes each.
  • The players are allowed to rest for 15 minutes after the first half.
  • Players aren’t allowed to use their hands.
  • The goalkeeper is the only one allowed to use his hands.
  • The team with the most goal wins the match.
  • You can be sent away if you commit an offense on the pitch.

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  • It can Be Played Anyhow, Anywhere.

Like I said earlier, the game can be played in anywhere as long as there is space. It doesn’t have to be huge. Soccer was originally an outdoor sport, but what gives it an edge over other sports is that it is one of the few sports that can be played outdoors and indoors, meaning that it can be played anywhere.

Another thing that gives soccer an edge over other sports is its flexibility. The standard number of players in a full pitch is 11 V 11 players for both teams. But you can also play 5 V 5 players indoors or if you’re at the beach.

FIFA has tournaments for different types of soccer. For example, the FIFA world cup is 11 V 11, indoor soccer or the Futsal world cup is 5 V 5, and beach soccer world cup is 5 V 5.

This is another reason why soccer is easy to play and learn. Its flexibility makes it playable in any way that suits your current environment.

  • The Focus Is On The Player

Compared to other sports, soccer makes the focus stay on the player rather than on others. Soccer is a game where you can get fun and excitement from individual plays from a single player. Soccer allows players to shine individually.

In American football, for example, the coach is the one that dictates the play the team will make, and the players have to listen to every one of his instructions.

Players also have to listen to the coach’s instructions too in soccer, but a player can change strategy if the team strategy isn’t working. For example, they were going for the goal instead of passing to a teammate, thereby changing the game with an individual play.

Soccer gives players more freedom to shine on the individual side. It allows players to follow their instincts.

  • History

Soccer is the oldest sport that’s still in existence today. According to FIFA, the game existed as early as 200 bc in the united kingdom. The game, over time, has changed a lot.

The first soccer club was created in 1857, and the first and oldest soccer competition that’s still in existence is England’s FA cup which started in 1871

This is one of the reasons why the game is straightforward to learn and play. The sport has been handed over from generation to generation and has turned into a culture.

  • Competitiveness

The competitiveness of soccer is top-notch, unlike any other sport. This sport has all the ingredients for intense competition: running, aggression, a fiery environment during games, rapid development, and playing against the clock.

It becomes more competitive as more people play it. People enjoy playing and enjoy watching sports. World Cup and Champions League games are competitive, and teams will go above and beyond to win.

  • It Has A Short Playtime Compared To Other Sports.

A standard soccer match is played for 90 minutes, with 15 minutes for a halftime break. Watching a soccer match could take up to two hours in total.

This is different in other sports. For instance, if a baseball game goes into extra innings, it may last longer than the normal 3–4 hour game. Even worse, around 15 minutes of those three hours are spent playing.

The mind grows tired and bored with watching a game when it lasts for an excessively long time. Compared to other sports, there is a more significant chance of fully observing a soccer match. The game not only lasts less time but also moves more quickly and involves more action.

This makes it very easy to learn and play because it doesn’t take much time.

  • Safe Compared To Other Sports

Some risk is associated with playing the game, just like in any other sport. An injury could occur at any time since everything moves so quickly.

The sport is, in my opinion, significantly less risky than other sports, especially for young athletes.

  • All The Players Have A Chance

Soccer is one of the few sports where every player has the opportunity to shine. Even the goalkeeper on the field can score a goal for their team. The spotlight is something that everyone enjoys.

This is challenging to accomplish in other sports. The pitcher and catcher typically hold the ball during a baseball game.

In American football, the quarterback typically has the ball in his hands. It is more difficult for other players to shine in these games because they are more geared toward putting a particular group of players in the spotlight.

  • It’s A Sport For Everyone

There are no physical requirements for playing soccer. There are specific physical criteria for other sports, like basketball and American football, such as being extremely tall and having a robust physique.

You don’t need to be in a specific physical shape to play soccer. Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers in the world, is a short man (about 1.70 meters)

Additionally, there are no gender limits in soccer. Men and women play by the same set of rules. Another important sporting event, if not the most significant women’s sporting occasion ever, is the Women’s World Cup.

It can be played by anyone, anywhere, and anytime, making it one of the most accessible sports to play and learn.

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  • You Can Train Alone Individually

15 Reasons Why Soccer Is the Easiest Sport (To Learn & Play)

Soccer training is a general term, it depends on the abilities a player wants to hone. The player may be interested in street soccer as well. It doesn’t matter if players want to improve their competitive skills or learn fun and new ways to master the ball. Either way is possible by yourself.

Other sports, like football or baseball, do not offer this flexibility with training.

  • Beginner Friendly

It’s simple to kick a ball. Soccer is generally easy, though it can be a competitive game. There are many beginner leagues, and the entry requirement is low.

It requires very little ability to get started and is inexpensive, which means a modest investment.

For beginners looking to start a sport, football is one of the easiest to learn and play.

  • Fun To Play

Soccer is the best sport for various reasons, but above all others, it’s because it is fun to play. Soccer is accessible to all. It’s simple to learn, affordable to play, and available to everyone.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Playing Soccer?

Soccer is quite fun and exciting to play. Additionally, playing soccer has a lot of advantages for your physical, emotional, and mental health. It improves your physical and psychological health, mood, emotions, and state of mind.

Here are some of the health benefits of playing soccer;

  • Soccer Reduces High Blood Pressure And Improves Cardiovascular Health

Due to its high-intensity nature, soccer benefits people by reducing high blood pressure and lowering their heart rate and blood pressure.

Soccer requires a lot of running, which helps your cardiovascular health. This lowers your risk of having a stroke or other health issues. By kicking a ball around a pitch, you may maintain the health of your heart, blood vessels, and arteries health by exercising consistently.

  • Reduces Body Fat And Builds Muscles

A soccer player must use their entire body when playing in training or a game. Therefore, playing the beautiful game is ideal for gaining muscle and losing body fat.

This is so because your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers are used when you run, kick, jump, and compete. This mix of aerobic and anaerobic activities is ideal for calorie burning, body toning, and muscle-building.

  • Strengthens Bone

By practicing or playing soccer, you will build muscle and endurance and your bones.

Your weight pressures your skeletal system as you move around the pitch while running and carrying yourself, strengthening and boosting your bone density.

This will assist you in avoiding injuries and breaking bones. That’s, of course, if you avoid reckless tackles.

  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

Regular endorphin release also aids in lowering any symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. Other chemicals that are vital in controlling people’s moods, like dopamine and serotonin, are also stimulated by exercise.

This promotes healthy eating and sleeping patterns, reducing anxiety and depression.

  • Increases Your Concentration And Focus

Football is excellent for boosting concentration and focus since players must maintain their focus and attention on the ball and what is happening throughout the game.

Players risk being penalized by not being in the appropriate position, losing their opponent, and allowing a goal if they get briefly distracted or lose attention.

Playing soccer improves players’ focus levels over time, which benefits both the game and everyday life.




Soccer is one of the most accessible sports to learn and play, not because it’s the most popular sport in the world, but because it is easy to understand and doesn’t require a lot of capital to engage in.






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