How Much Do UPSL Players Get Paid? 2024

The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is a rapidly growing amateur and semi-professional soccer league in the United States.

With a focus on providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills, the UPSL operates on a unique model that differs from the higher-tier professional leagues.

One of the common questions that arise among soccer enthusiasts is, “How much do UPSL players get paid?”

NO! UPSL players are not paid a fixed salary, Players have to pay to be a part of the team.

This includes fees for joining, buying the team uniform, paying for referees, and other team costs. Surprisingly, these teams don’t give any money to the players. It’s similar to playing in a local league on Sundays, but the competition is better.

Some clubs let players join without charging them, but they also don’t pay the players.

For the teams that do pay, it’s not like a regular salary.

They mostly give money to cover the costs players have to spend. This might be for things like gas renting cars for away games, or even money to buy meals when the team is traveling.

Not many team owners pay for a place to stay during the season. And if they do, it’s usually something like renting a house for a group of players.

So, let’s break it down.

UPSL Structure

How Much Do UPSL Players Get Paid?

The UPSL is known for its inclusive structure, allowing both amateur and semi-professional teams to participate.

Amateur players typically participate without receiving financial compensation, as they play for the love of the game and the opportunity to improve their skills.

While semi-professional players may receive some form of payment, it’s essential to understand that these salaries are not comparable to those in top-tier professional leagues.

Club Budgets

UPSL clubs operate on a wide range of budgets, influenced by factors such as sponsorships, ticket sales, and local support.

The financial capacity of each club significantly impacts the salaries they can offer players.

Clubs with more substantial financial backing may have the means to compensate players on a semi-professional level, while smaller clubs might rely on volunteer efforts or offer minimal stipends.


Geographical Variances

The UPSL spans various regions in the United States, and the cost of living can vary significantly from one area to another.

Players in regions with higher living costs might receive comparatively higher compensation to offset expenses. This creates a degree of variability in player salaries depending on the geographical location of the UPSL team.

Player Development and Exposure

For many players in the UPSL, the main goal is to gain exposure and improve their skills with the hope of advancing to higher levels of competition.

As a result, some players may prioritize the opportunity for development over immediate financial gain. The UPSL serves as a valuable platform for players to catch the attention of scouts or move up the soccer hierarchy.

Contractual Agreements

Salaries in the UPSL are often determined through contractual agreements between players and clubs.

These contracts may vary in structure, with some players receiving fixed stipends, bonuses, or performance-based incentives.

It’s crucial for players to carefully review and negotiate their contracts to ensure clarity on compensation terms.

Additional Perks

While financial compensation may not be the primary motivation for UPSL players, some clubs may offer additional perks, such as equipment, training facilities, and travel expenses.

These benefits contribute to the overall player experience and can influence a player’s decision to join a particular team.

How Much Will It Cost To Play In The UPSL?

To play in the UPSL, you’ll need to consider various costs, such as player registration fees, team dues, and potential travel expenses.

These costs can vary depending on the specific team you join and the region in which you play.

It’s advisable to contact the UPSL league office or the team you’re interested in to get accurate and up-to-date information on the costs associated with playing in the league.

Keep in mind that expenses may include uniforms, equipment, and other miscellaneous fees.

Does Playing In The UPSL Affect NCAA Eligibility?

If you want to play NCAA soccer and are thinking about joining the United Premier Soccer League, you need to understand some important rules.

While being in the UPSL itself doesn’t automatically make you ineligible, you have to be careful and follow certain rules.

First, get to know the NCAA amateurism rules.

Make sure you don’t get paid more than what the NCAA allows while playing in the UPSL. This is important because breaking these rules could put your eligibility at risk.

Also, be careful about your relationships in the soccer community. NCAA has strict rules about dealing with agents or representatives.

To keep your eligibility, it’s best to avoid any situations that might make you look less like an amateur.

Understanding the NCAA guidelines is key.

Learn about the eligibility requirements and talk to your high school coach, athletic director, or compliance officer. They can help you understand the NCAA rules so you can make good choices while playing in the UPSL.

If you want advice that fits your situation, talk directly to the NCAA or the sports department at your college.

They can give you specific advice, clear up any questions you have, and help you find the right balance between playing soccer in the UPSL and staying eligible for NCAA games.



What Are The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For UPSL Jobs

10 cities for UPSL’s jobs pay more than the average in the U.S. San Buenaventura, CA is at the top, with Santa Clara, CA, and Federal Way, WA close behind.

Federal Way, WA pays $8,632 (20.9%) more than the national average, and San Buenaventura, CA is even higher, with an extra $11,574 (28.0%) above the $41,332 average.

For people in these cities, there’s a good chance to earn more than the national average by working in the United Premier Soccer League.

The salaries in these top cities don’t vary much, only 11% between San Buenaventura, CA, and Tracy, CA. This means there might not be big increases in pay if you move between these cities.

Considering the cost of living is lower might be important when thinking about where to work in the United Premier Soccer League.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Buenaventura, CA$52,906$4,408$1,017$25.44
Santa Clara, CA$50,585$4,215$972$24.32
Federal Way, WA$49,964$4,163$960$24.02
Washington, DC$49,809$4,150$957$23.95
San Francisco, CA$48,739$4,061$937$23.43
Los Angeles, CA$47,759$3,979$918$22.96
Marysville, WA$47,670$3,972$916$22.92
Green River, WY$47,545$3,962$914$22.86
San Jose, CA$47,460$3,955$912$22.82
Tracy, CA$47,339$3,944$910$22.76


Are UPSL players paid a salary?

No, UPSL players don’t get a regular salary. The league is semi-professional, so players don’t get paid regularly for playing.

How do UPSL players earn money?

UPSL players make money in different ways outside of playing in the league.

Some have regular jobs or go to school while also playing in the UPSL.

Besides, they might get paid through sponsorships, appearance fees, or winning money from tournaments.

Do UPSL players receive match bonuses?

In the UPSL, match bonuses aren’t a usual part of how players get paid. But, certain teams might give bonuses or rewards based on how well the players perform.

Can UPSL players earn money from endorsements or sponsorships?

Of course, players have the opportunity to earn money through endorsements or sponsorships.

If a player becomes well-known and builds a significant following, brands or companies might approach them for endorsement deals or sponsorships.

Are there any exceptions where UPSL players are paid?

Now and then, a few UPSL teams might have financial support or sponsorship deals that let them pay their players. But this isn’t common, and most UPSL players aren’t paid.

Can UPSL players sign professional contracts with higher-level clubs?

Many players aim to catch the eye of professional clubs and land professional contracts.

The UPSL acts as a stage for players to display their skills, opening up opportunities for them to advance to higher levels of professional soccer.

Do UPSL players receive benefits such as healthcare?

Players usually don’t receive benefits like healthcare because they’re not officially employed by the league or their teams.

Players need to handle their healthcare needs on their own.

Are UPSL players allowed to have other jobs?

Certainly, UPSL players can have other jobs since the league operates on a part-time basis. Many players hold regular day jobs to support themselves while also pursuing their love for soccer financially.