What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

The CONCACAF Champions Cup serves as the premier continental club championship in North America, comparable to Europe’s UEFA Champions League.

Originally established in 1962, the tournament was rebranded as the CONCACAF Champions League from 2008 to 2023.

However, for the upcoming 2024 edition, the North and Central American Confederation decided to return to the original name, breaking away from its counterparts in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Starting from the 2024 edition, the Concacaf Champions Cup will take over from the Champions League as the primary men’s continental tournament, determining the top club in the region and serving as the qualification pathway for the new and expanded FIFA Club World Cup.

A fresh era is underway in the Concacaf region with the introduction of the Concacaf Champions Cup, an extended version of the region’s new premier club championship scheduled to begin in 2024.

Concacaf Champions Cup History

The tournament, now known as the Concacaf Champions Cup, has a rich history dating back to 1962.

The new name is part of a complete rebrand with a modern visual identity. The essence of the brand is described as “epic battles for greatness,” symbolizing the challenging nature of qualifying, competing, and winning to become the Concacaf club champion.

Since its inception in 1962, 30 different clubs have claimed the title, showcasing the competitiveness and diversity of champions in Concacaf.

The tournament has undergone name changes but has consistently been a stage for major clubs from Central America, North America, and the Caribbean to vie for greatness.

Club Leon, as the most recent winner, adds to the legacy of champions in this historic competition.

Key Points for the 2024 Concacaf Champions Cup

  1. Replacement of the Champions League: The Concacaf Champions Cup will replace the Champions League starting in 2024.
  2. Expanded Tournament: The new continental tournament will feature 27 clubs and include a total of 51 matches.
  3. Prize Money: The champion will receive over USD 5 million from Concacaf in prize money and distributions.

The Concacaf Champions Cup will take continental club football in our region to the next level.

It will elevate leagues and clubs across Concacaf, and the new name for the competition, alongside this vibrant new brand, allows us to celebrate our rich history while looking ahead to a great future of international club football in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.”

The new Concacaf club ecosystem will deliver more of those big rivalry matchups that we know footballers want to play in and that fans want to see.

Clubs across the region will have to be at their very best to compete to win the Concacaf Champions Cup and to earn the right to represent the region in the revamped and expanded FIFA Club World Cup which begins in 2025

Concacaf President and FIFA Vice President, Victor Montagliani

Concacaf Champions Cup Format

What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

In the upcoming Concacaf Champions Cup, the tournament structure will consist of four initial stages, each involving home and away matches.

The peak of the competition, where the region’s champion is determined, will be a single-leg match played on a weekend.

Out of the 27 participating clubs, 22 will start in Round One, while five clubs will automatically move to the Round of 16 without playing in the initial round.

To earn a spot in the competition, clubs will follow a qualification process based on their respective regions.

The Scotiabank Concacaf League will make way for three new regional cup competitions – Leagues Cup, Central American Cup, and Caribbean Cup.

These tournaments will take place in the fall of each year and serve as qualifiers for the expanded Champions League.

Price Rewards

As part of the changes to the Concacaf Champions Cup, there will be a substantial boost in financial rewards for participating clubs.

Beginning in 2024, the champion of the Concacaf Champions Cup can expect to receive over USD $5 million in financial distributions and prize money.

This represents a significant increase, exceeding five times the amount offered during the Concacaf Champions League era.

The substantial rise in prize money reflects Concacaf’s commitment to enhancing the competitiveness and appeal of the tournament for participating clubs.

Who qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions Cup?

The CONCACAF Champions Cup brings together the best clubs from North and Central America from the previous year for a knockout tournament, ultimately determining the continental club champion.

From the beginning, the tournament has followed a straight knockout format, without an initial group stage.

In the past, 16 teams participated in the knockout rounds. However, the 2024 competition is set to grow, featuring 27 teams.

Five champions from different competitions will automatically advance to the Round of 16, while the remaining teams will enter the tournament in the first round.

This expansion adds more excitement and competition to the tournament, offering a chance for a broader range of clubs to compete for the coveted title.

Nation/LeagueQualified ViaRound Entered2024 Qualifier
Liga MXApertura/Clausura Champions
(with higher aggregate points)
Round of 16Pachuca
Liga MXApertura/Clausura Champions
(with lower aggregate points)
First RoundTigres UNAL
Liga MXApertura runner-upFirst RoundToluca
Liga MXClausura runner-upFirst RoundChivas Guadalajara
Liga MXNext-best club in agg. tableFirst RoundMonterrey
Liga MXNext-best club in agg. tableFirst RoundClub America
MLSMLS Cup ChampionsRound of 16Columbus Crew
MLSMLS Supporters’ Shield winnerFirst RoundFC Cincinnati
MLSMLS other Conference winnerFirst RoundSt. Louis City SC
MLSNext-best club in agg. tableFirst RoundOrlando City SC
MLSNext-best club in agg. tableFirst RoundNew England Revolution
MLSU.S. Open Cup winnerFirst RoundHouston Dynamo
LigaMX/MLSLeagues Cup winnerRound of 16Inter Miami
LigaMX/MLSLeagues Cup runner-upFirst RoundNashville SC
LigaMX/MLSLeagues Cup third placeFirst RoundPhiladelphia Union
CanadaCanadian PL title winnerFirst RoundForge FC
CanadaCanadian PL regular season championFirst RoundCavalry FC
CanadaCanadian ChampionshipFirst RoundVancouver Whitecaps
CaribbeanCaribbean Cup winnerRound of 16Robinhood
CaribbeanCaribbean Cup runner-upFirst RoundCavalier
CaribbeanCaribbean Cup third-placeFirst RoundMoca
Central AmericaCentral American Cup winnerRound of 16Alajuelense (CRC)
Central AmericaCentral American Cup runner-upFirst RoundReal Esteli (NCR)
Central AmericaCentral American Cup semifinalistFirst RoundIndependiente
Central AmericaCentral American Cup semifinalistFirst RoundHerediano
Central AmericaCentral American Cup play-in winnerFirst RoundComunicaciones
Central AmericaCentral American Cup play-in winnerFirst RoundSaprissa

2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup Schedule & Fixtures

What Is The CONCACAF Champions Cup?

As of the time of writing this, the dates and bracket for the 2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup have been officially established.

The draw to determine matchups is scheduled for December 13.

Seeded teams, already decided by CONCACAF rankings, were automatically placed in the Round of 16 before the draw.

Up until the final, all stages will consist of two-legged contests. However, the final will be a single-match event.

The location of the final is yet to be determined, and it may either be hosted by one of the participating teams or take place at a neutral venue.

This adds an element of anticipation as the tournament progresses, and teams strive to secure a spot in the final match.



2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup schedule

StageFirst Leg2nd Leg
First RoundFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29
Round of 16Mar. 5-7Mar. 12-14
QuarterfinalsApr. 2-4Apr. 9-11
SemifinalsApr. 23-25Apr. 30-May 2
FinalJune 2

2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup fixtures

Round One

MatchupFirst LegSecond LegAggregate
M1: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M2: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M3: Club America vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M4: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M5: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M6: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M7: Pumas UNAL vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M8: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M9: Monterrey vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M10: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 
M11: TBD vs. TBDFeb. 6-15Feb. 20-29 

Round of 16

MatchupFirst LegSecond LegAggregate
M1: Pachuca vs. M1 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M2: Robinhood vs. M2 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M3: M3 winner vs. M4 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M4: Alajuelense vs. M5 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M5: Columbus Crew vs. M6 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M6: M7 winner vs. M8 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M7: M9 winner vs. M10 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 
M8: Inter Miami vs. M11 winnerMar. 5-7Mar. 12-14 


MatchupFirst LegSecond LegAggregate
QF1: M1 winner vs. M2 winnerApr. 2-4Apr. 9-11 
QF2: M3 winner vs. M4 winnerApr. 2-4Apr. 9-11 
QF3: M5 winner vs. M6 winnerApr. 2-4Apr. 9-11 
QF4: M7 winner vs. M8 winnerApr. 2-4Apr. 9-11 


MatchupFirst LegSecond LegAggregate
SF1: QF1 winner vs. QF2 winnerApr. 23-25Apr. 30-May 2 
SF2: QF3 winner vs. QF4 winnerApr. 23-25Apr. 30-May 2 


DateTime (ET)MatchLocation
June 2, 2024TBDSF1 winner vs. SF2 winner

Qualification for FIFA Club World Cup

The champion of the 2024 Concacaf Champions Cup earns a qualification spot for the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, representing one of the four teams from the region.

Also, the winners of the Champions League in 2021 (Monterrey), 2022 (Seattle Sounders), and 2023 (Club Leon) will participate in the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup.

Who has won the most CONCACAF Champions Cup titles?

Mexican teams have consistently stood out.

From the tournament’s beginning in 1962, counting both the CONCACAF Champions Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League eras, Club America has been the most successful, winning seven titles.

This includes five CONCACAF Champions Cup victories and two in the later Champions League format.

Since the switch from Champions Cup to Champions League in 2009, no team from outside the United States or Mexico has claimed the championship.

The last non-Mexican or American team to achieve this was the Costa Rican side Saprissa in 2005.

Moreover, no Major League Soccer (MLS) team has managed to win the competition more than once.

ClubLeagueTotal TitlesCCCCCLLast Title
Club AmericaLiga MX7522016
Cruz AzulLiga MX6512014
MonterreyLiga MX5052021
PachucaLiga MX5322017
SaprissaCosta Rica3302005
UNAM PumasLiga MX3301989
AtlanteLiga MX2112009
AlajuelenseCosta Rica2202004
TolucaLiga MX2202003
NecaxaLiga MX2201999
Defence ForceTrinidad &