How To Remove Foul Smell From Soccer Cleats : Tested Solutions 2022

I understand what it’s like to perceive foul smell from soccer cleats. You might want to discard them because of the offensive smell, DO NOT! I’ll explain 7 techniques that have been highly effective to remove the smell from soccer cleats.

Dealing with the odor-causing germs that are flourishing in your soccer cleats is essential to take care of the stench. To start with, make sure your cleats are completely clean and dry. Next, freeze your cleats for the entire night. After the cleats have defrosted, spray them with an odor-neutralizer to give them a fresh scent.

To start with, I’d never advise anyone to leave their cleats in a boot bag or stash them anyhow. The best thing to do after a game is to load them with newspaper and set them outside to air dry.

Avoid direct sunlight as this will only overdry the fabric, simply leave them in a shaded spot outside. This action will have a significant impact! Your cleats must be properly cared for if you want to get the best use out of them.

The best course of action is to think of them as a significant investment. The smell shouldn’t be a problem if you can keep them dry unless you aren’t washing your socks. The best piece of advice I can give is to make it a habit of letting them out after training or a game.

Wash and dry your cleats.

Be careful to thoroughly wash and dry your cleats whenever they start to smell. Cleaning and drying your soccer cleats is a fairly easy process. You need a brush, warm soapy water, and avoid drying your cleats in direct sunlight.

Also, it’s crucial to avoid frequently using too much cleaning solution or hot water, as these practices can also ruin your cleats.

You will notice that the smell from soccer cleats will be gone once your cleats have been washed and dried.

Replace the insoles and laces.

If your cleats have been thoroughly washed and dried but still smell, consider checking your laces and insoles. Your laces may accumulate a lot of moisture and soil over time, which may be challenging to remove.

They will at some point begin to smell, the insoles of cleats are no different.  During a game, insoles absorb sweat and moisture, and if you don’t clean them out, they will smell.

First, try placing your laces and insoles in a pillowcase and put them in the washing machine. Doing this will eliminate the smell from soccer cleats.

Keep your cleats in the freezer for the night.

After thoroughly washing, properly drying, and replacing the laces and insoles, if your cleats still smell, your next course of action is to place them in the freezer.

Many people are somewhat surprised by this approach, but it’s highly effective.

Your stinking cleats should be stored in a sizable plastic bag and frozen for the night. The following morning, take them out and let them air dry entirely.

The primary intent behind this freezing is to get rid of the offensive smell from soccer cleats. Your cleats should no longer smell as the freezer’s freezing temperatures would kill the microorganisms that cause smells.

You should give it a try, the effectiveness of it will likely surprise you.

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Apply a baking soda solution.

Baking soda is another alternative that works perfectly well. Unwanted smells can be effectively removed from cleats using baking soda, which also leaves them smelling much fresher.

Sprinkle a spoonful of baking soda inside each cleat, then leave them overnight. Before you put on your next pair of cleats or first thing in the morning, brush the baking soda off.

There is another option if you’d prefer not to put baking soda in your cleats.

Mix cornstarch, baking powder, and baking soda in an equal amount. Put this mixture in a cotton sock and leave the sock in your cleats overnight.

Teabags in soccer cleats to neutralize the odors

How To Remove Smell From Soccer Cleats : Tested Solutions 2022

Another surprising alternative on this list is teabags. However, they are perfect for getting rid of the microorganisms in your cleats that are giving them a nasty smell.

Over time, studies have revealed that the tannins in black tea are effective at getting rid of odor-causing germs.

The ideal technique to use tea bags in this situation is to first steep at least two black tea bags for five minutes in boiling water.

After that, take the tea bags out of the water, press off the extra liquid, and let them cool for a little while. Put them in your cleats after that for about an hour. If you are worried that the tea will stain your insoles, put some paper or tissue between the tea bag and your feet.

You can take out the tea bags once you’ve noticed a change in how your cleats smell after an hour.

Stuffing citrus peel inside cleats

Citrus peel can be used to get rid of the offensive smell from soccer cleats if you have some citrus fruit lying around the house. Any citrus fruit will work fine; it is not important which type you have. Any citrus fruit will do—lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit.

Citrus fruit works well because they have natural essential oils that strip off the odor of your cleats. They also leave behind a pretty clean, citrusy smell, which is an advantage.

Make use of Bar Soap

Another effective solution to consider is the use of antibacterial soap. Soap is effective at odor removal.

The porous nature of soap, combined with its antibacterial properties, will aid in the reduction of smell from your soccer cleats. To make this alternative work, get an antibacterial bar of soap (available on Amazon). Insert the bar into both of your cleats and leave them overnight.

After that, you should notice a difference in the smell of your cleats.

How to stop your soccer cleats from Smelling

Everyone is aware that prevention is better than cure. You won’t have to spend as much time deodorizing or teabagging your soccer cleats if you can stop them from smelling so awful.

As I’ve explained a few times, the smell in cleats is usually caused by an accumulation of moisture, which enables the formation of bacteria that gives off an unpleasant smell. You must avoid the accumulation of moisture in your cleats if you want to keep them from smelling.

To keep your soccer cleats from offensive smells, avoid moisture to a minimal level. Sweat from your feet, dirt, mud, and rainwater that gets into cleats while you’re wearing them are mostly the sources of this dampness.

Fundamental tips for cleaning your soccer cleats

  • As soon as you leave the field, take off your cleats.
  • To help remove any mud or loose grass, smack the bottoms of the cleats together.
  • To remove debris, wipe it off with a dry toothbrush.
  • Use a damp old toothbrush to get rid of any last bits of dirt.
  • Mix water and soap together. With a toothbrush or rag, scrub off stains until they disappear.
  • Wipe the cleats clean with a fresh, moist rag.
  • It should be dried indoors at normal temperature.
  • Remove your insoles and wash them in a separate wash on “gentle” in the washing machine.



Final thought

There may be some alternatives that we haven’t noted yet, but the list above is pretty good.  The key is to work on preventive measures and maintain your cleat from the first time you put them on.

The key is to work on preventive measures and maintain your cleat from the first time you put them on.  If they’re stinking up your place, it’s probably time to invest in a brand-new pair. This will eliminate the odor and give you a fresh start. And the next time, make sure you get it right.



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