10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Major League Soccer (MLS) has become really popular in North America, captivating soccer fans with its exciting matches and lively fan culture.

The players show off their skills and talents on the field, but it’s the passionate fans that make MLS even more exciting.

The fans in MLS bring so much energy and excitement to the games. The stadiums are loud and there are synchronized chants that everyone joins in.

These fans are really dedicated and loyal to their teams, and they create a sense of community and passion. The atmosphere in the stadiums is electric and it makes the matches unforgettable for everyone there.

Each fanbase has its own special traditions, rituals, and symbols that represent their team’s spirit.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best fanbases in MLS. We will focus on their amazing dedication, creativity, and unwavering support.

Who Has The Biggest Fan Base In MLS?

These fanbases are really good at making their home stadiums exciting.

As soon as players enter the stadium, they hear loud chants, and songs, and see lots of colorful team support.

The stands are full of energy, which motivates the players and makes the whole experience unforgettable for everyone there.

Seattle Sounders

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Without a doubt, Seattle Sounders FC has an amazing fanbase in America.

Known as the “Emerald City Supporters,” they fill CenturyLink Field with their signature chants, mesmerizing tifo displays, and unwavering loyalty.

During the game, their passionate chants are really loud and create an intimidating atmosphere to make their opponents uncomfortable.

The team has received a lot of love and support from different communities.

This has led to the formation of various fan groups like the Emerald City supporters, Gorilla FC, North End faithful, and Eastside supporters.

These dedicated fan groups show how big and enthusiastic the fanbase is. In their first season, the Sounders had the highest average attendance in the league, with an impressive number of 30,943 fans.

They were even ranked the Sounders FC as the 50th Best-Supported Club in the world. This shows how much passionate support they have.

The demand for season tickets has always been high. In 2010, the team had a limit of 32,000 season tickets.

As of late January, there were less than 1,000 season ticket bundles left, which shows how dedicated and enthusiastic the fans are.

Their average attendance numbers consistently rank among the highest in the league, creating an electrifying atmosphere that motivates the players.

Atlanta United

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Atlanta United burst onto the MLS scene in 2017 and quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with both on and off the field.

The “Terminus Legion” and “The Faction” are two prominent fan groups known for their passionate support, colorful displays, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Atlanta United has a really passionate fanbase because of how well they play, even though they finished 12th in the league last season.

In 2019, Atlanta United had amazing success.

They won the US Open Cup and the Campeones Cup, and they were always competing for the MLS title.

As they got more successful, they started attracting fans from all over the world who loved the team’s culture.

Atlanta United holds the record for the highest attendance in a single game and the highest average attendance in the league.

Their games always have big crowds, which makes the atmosphere at Mercedes Benz Stadium really exciting.

The team is also worth a lot of money. Sportivo estimated their value to be $845 million in 2021, making them the second most valuable team in the league.

This shows that they have a lot of support from a big audience and are both popular and financially successful.

Sporting Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City has a long-standing tradition of passionate support.

The “Cauldron” is a renowned fan group that brings immense energy to Children’s Mercy Park, which can hold fewer than 20,000 fans.

Even though the stadium is small, it’s almost always full for games, and the fans show amazing support. The close setting makes the atmosphere more immersive and exciting.

Their inventive chants, large-scale tifo displays, and unwavering dedication have solidified their reputation as one of the league’s best fanbases.

In recent years, the fans behind the goal have been creating impressive ‘tifo’ displays before and during matches.

One of the notable displays is when they welcome their opponents to the ‘Blue Hell,’ using images from the Game of Thrones series.

Sporting KC has achieved a lot with two MLS Cups, considering their small size and limited fanbase.

Portland Timbers

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

The Portland Timbers boast one of the most unique and fervent fanbases in MLS.

They have a strong bond with the team and contribute to the raucous atmosphere at Providence Park, creating an intimidating environment for opposing teams.

One interesting thing that happens at the stadium is when a fan called ‘Timber Joey‘ uses a saw to cut a piece of timber every time the Timbers score a goal.

This adds a cool and distinctive element to the game atmosphere.

What makes the Timbers’ fans different is their ability to create a passionate and intense atmosphere even though the stadium is small, with a capacity of just over 20,000 seats.

The stadium becomes really loud, and the atmosphere is very intense.

In recent years, the Timbers have become one of the top teams in America.

They won the ‘MLS is Back Tournament’ after the Covid-19 pandemic, and the following year, they won the Western Conference.

They also won the MLS Cup in 2015, which showed that they are a strong team in the league.

Real Salt Lake

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Real Salt Lake fans, known as the “Royal Army,” have cultivated a strong and vibrant fan culture.

They pack Rio Tinto Stadium with their unwavering support, creating a boisterous and energetic atmosphere.

Their dedication and commitment to the team have earned them a reputation as one of the most passionate fanbases in MLS.

Salt Lake City’s professional soccer team, Salt Lake, plays its games at the Rio Tinto Stadium, which can hold up to 20,213 fans.

The stadium is also used for games by the US Men’s National Team.

The passionate fans from Utah make a lot of noise and create an exciting atmosphere.

One special thing for fans at the Rio Tinto Stadium is singing the ‘Believe’ song during matches, which adds to the lively atmosphere.

The team has had some impressive success in the United States, especially when they won the MLS Cup in 2009.

They also represented the US in the CONCACAF Champions League but unfortunately lost in the final to a Mexican team called Monterrey.

FC Cincinnati

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Despite being one of the newer additions to MLS, FC Cincinnati has quickly developed a passionate and committed fanbase.

Known as the “Die Innenstadt,” their supporters contribute to the electrifying atmosphere at TQL Stadium.

They are known for their captivating tifo displays, chants, and unwavering dedication to the team.

In their first game in the MLS against the Seattle Sounders, this team had an amazing attendance of 30,000 fans.

It was a big accomplishment for a new team to join the league for the first time.

If we look closely, we can see that the team has been getting better every season.

This season, in particular, has been their best. They have been doing really well and are currently in 5th place in the standings.

The team’s loyal fans have been a huge part of their progress.

The fans have always shown their love and trust in the team’s plans and goals. Their ongoing support has been very important for the team’s growth and success.

Orlando City

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Orlando City fans, known as the “Iron Lion Firm” and “The Ruckus,” bring an infectious energy to Exploria Stadium.

Their unwavering support and passionate chants reverberate throughout the stadium, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The fans’ dedication to the team and their unwavering loyalty make them one of the league’s top fanbases.

For many years, one of Florida’s big cities didn’t have a team in the MLS. But since 2015, when this club joined the MLS, they have gained a lot of dedicated fans in a short time.

The team plays its home games at Exploria Stadium, which can hold up to 25,500 fans.

Every week, the stadium is full, with fans from all over the state coming to watch the team in their purple uniforms compete for the MLS Cup.

Soccer in Florida can be unpredictable, with teams coming and going over the years. Remember the Tampa Bay Mutiny and the Miami Fusion? They show how soccer teams in the area can change.

But Orlando’s success depends on keeping the support of their fans in the upcoming seasons.

So far, they’re doing well, which gives the team a strong foundation to aim for success and win trophies.

Los Angeles FC

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

The “3252” is the largest and most recognized supporter group, known for its vibrant chants, large-scale tifo displays, and unwavering support.

LAFC fans’ dedication and enthusiasm have helped create a unique soccer culture in Los Angeles.

Moreover, this team has one of the best fan bases in the United States.

They started playing in 2018 and amazingly won the MLS title the next year in 2019. They set a record with an impressive 72 points and their amazing style of play won the hearts of soccer fans all over the country.

In 2022, Los Angeles won again and secured their second major title.

This makes them only the second team in MLS history to win two major titles in their first five seasons.

To finish off the 2022 season, they won the MLS Cup final by defeating the Philadelphia Union in an exciting match.

This victory showed that they are a strong team in the league.

Nashville SC

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

Nashville SC has quickly garnered a devoted fanbase since joining MLS.

Their supporters, known as “The Roadies” and “The Assembly,” bring their passion to Nissan Stadium, creating an incredible atmosphere.

Nashville SC fans have shown tremendous dedication, even during the team’s inaugural season, making them a notable fanbase in MLS.

The fans of this team have been very happy with how the team has been playing since they started. Based on the number of people attending their games, there have been noticeable changes.

In 2020, when they first joined the MLS, the average number of people at their games was 12,900. But in 2021, more fans started supporting them, and the average attendance went up to 19,338.

Then, in 2022, even more, people came to watch their games, with an average of 27,554 spectators per game.

The fans of the team are really passionate and excited about the team’s goals.

They are hopeful that in the upcoming 2023 season, the team will win their first title. They are optimistic because the team did well in the 2022 season, finishing in 5th place.

The fans’ excitement and constant support motivate the team to work hard and achieve success in the next season.

LA Galaxy

10 Of The Best Fanbases In MLS

One of the league’s most successful clubs boasts a loyal and passionate fanbase.

Known as the “LA Riot Squad” and the “Galaxians,” they bring immense energy to Dignity Health Sports Park.

Their unwavering support and enduring loyalty have contributed to the club’s rich history and legacy.

The club is the oldest and most supported team in Los Angeles. In the past, they were in a higher position, but their history and passionate fans still make them important.

Their stadium with a capacity of 27,000 was always full and had an exciting atmosphere.

Nowadays, the average attendance is around 20,000 per game, which is still good even with competition from LAFC.

The Galaxians, the team’s main supporters club, started in the 1996-97 season and have been there for every match. Their loyalty shows the strong connection between the club and its fans.

The LA Galaxy also has a talented and beloved cheerleading group called the Galaxy Star Squad.

They cheer for the Galaxy and spread excitement in the stadium. Sometimes, lucky fans may even get merchandise from them.

Even though the LA Galaxy isn’t as highly ranked as before, their long history, dedicated fans, and fun cheerleading squad still make them very popular.