7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2024

Tennessee is a state that loves sports, and soccer is no exception. There are many great soccer clubs in the state that are helping players grow and become better.

These clubs are really important for developing players and creating future soccer stars.

They are dedicated to being excellent and embodying the true spirit of the sport. They want to make people love soccer not just on the field, but in their hearts too.

In this article, I will be listing out 7 of the best soccer clubs in Tennessee.

Each club has its own special coaching methods, training styles, and community programs. They give young players the perfect opportunity to do well and follow their soccer dreams.

These clubs help players grow not only in soccer skills but also as people.

They focus on developing the whole person.

Whether players want to compete at a high level or just enjoy the game, they find a supportive and caring environment in these clubs.

Nashville Youth Soccer Association

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U4-18

Location: 3135 Heartland Drive Nashville, TN 37214

For more than 40 years, this club in Metro Nashville, East Davidson County, and West Wilson County has been offering soccer activities for kids of all ages.

They have a soccer league that both boys and girls can join from ages 3 to 18.

They don’t have tryouts, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played soccer before. The club wants to create a safe and caring place where kids can learn and enjoy soccer.

They want to help players get better at the game by teaching them new skills in a step-by-step way. They also want to teach kids how to be fair and respectful competitors, and how to work well with others as a team.

Williamson County Soccer Association

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U4-19

Location: 3157 Boyd Mill Avenue Franklin TN 37064

The Williamson County Soccer Association is known as one of the best soccer clubs in Tennessee. They have programs for kids aged 4 to 19, both indoors and outdoors.

This club is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping players improve while having fun. The club does a great job of creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

They teach players how to be good sports and work well in a team. Players can get better at soccer while having a great time playing the game they love.

This makes them love soccer. One special thing about this club is their summer camps. These camps offer extra training to help players improve even more during their break.

This shows that the club is committed to helping players grow. The club is very popular, with over 6,000 players as members.

Soccer Shots Nashville

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U3- 10

Location: 29 Industrial Park Drive Hendersonville, TN  37075

Soccer Shots is a great soccer club, especially for kids under eight years old.

It started in 1997 because they saw that there weren’t many good soccer programs for young kids, and they’ve been doing a great job ever since.

The people who work at Soccer Shots are amazing. They love soccer and want to inspire kids to be active and healthy through the sport.

They make sure everyone has an awesome experience. The youth soccer club has three different programs for kids of different ages. There’s one for 2-3-year-olds, one for 3-5-year-olds, and another for 5-8-year-olds.

This way, kids get training that’s just right for their age. What makes the club special is the awesome community they have.

The coaches are friendly and excited to work with the kids. They want to make a positive impact and create a supportive environment where kids can do well.

Parents have seen amazing changes in their kids since they joined the soccer club. The kids are more excited, happy, and patient.

These changes aren’t just on the soccer field, they make their lives better.

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Kings Hammer Murfreesboro

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U4-19

Location: 2690 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, United States

Kings Hammer is a soccer club that wants to make a positive impact on the community. They believe in using soccer and education to help people grow and succeed.

One important value of the club is to help its players, parents, and staff become leaders and develop personally.

They know that soccer is not just about playing well, but also about becoming a better person.

Kings Hammer creates a supportive environment where players can do well on and off the field, so they can be successful in all areas of life.

Another great thing about the youth soccer club is that they are involved in the community. They do things to help others and work with different organizations.

They want to make a positive difference in people’s lives, not just in soccer.

Kings Hammer’s goal is not just to help individuals grow but also to inspire and empower everyone involved with the club. They want to create an environment where everyone can grow and become leaders.

They give people opportunities to develop and become role models for others.

Tennessee Soccer Club

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U8 -12

Location: 509 New Hwy 96 W STE 102, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

This Soccer Club is an amazing soccer club in Tennessee.

They are all about being the best. Their mission is to help players, coaches, families, and communities be excellent.

One great thing about the Club is its competitive program for boys and girls. It lasts for ten months, from August to May, and it’s all about helping players get better in a fun and rewarding way.

They have training two to three times a week at different TSC locations, so players have lots of chances to practice and improve their skills.

The club’s game schedule usually has one or two matches on weekends. This lets players show how good they are in real games against other teams.

They also have two to three tournaments each season (Fall/Spring), which help players grow and give them cool experiences.

Even though the club wants players to get better, they also want to make things easy. They do some local and regional travel for games, so players can play against different teams without going too far.

This way, it’s a good balance of competition and convenience for players and their families.

Redoubt Soccer Association

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U4-16

Location: 6900 Bonny Oaks Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37421, United States

Redoubt Soccer Association (RSA) is one of the best soccer clubs in Tennessee.

They have recreational soccer programs for kids aged 3 to 19, and they also have a special Select Academy for players who want to be more competitive and improve their skills.

One awesome thing about RSA is its soccer complex.

People who have been there say it’s great. The facilities are top-notch, which means they’re really nice and well taken care of.

This makes the games and training sessions even better and more enjoyable for everyone. The club’s mission is all about making soccer better and helping kids in the community.

RSA wants to teach kids the rules, skills, and basics of soccer.

They also want to promote and develop soccer for kids. It’s important to know that RSA is a non-profit organization.

This means they’re not trying to make money, they’re just passionate volunteers who want to help kids. They work hard to create a good environment for kids to learn and grow through soccer.

Lobos Rush Youth Soccer

7 Of The Best Soccer Clubs In Tennessee | 2023

Age Range: U4-18

Location: 475 E South St, Collierville, TN 38017, United States

The club has been around since 1991 and has a really interesting history.

It’s part of the biggest youth soccer organization in the United States, which means it offers amazing opportunities for young soccer fans. The club has two great programs for different types of players and ages.

The competitive program is for kids aged 6 to 19 who want to take their soccer skills to the next level. It’s challenging and competitive, and it helps players get even better and become great athletes.

For those who want a more relaxed experience, the club also has a recreational program. Kids aged 3 to 19 can join this program to have fun playing soccer in a less intense environment.

It’s a great way for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the game and develop a love for it.

Lots of families have joined Lobos Soccer Club and had amazing experiences, as you can see in the reviews.

Being a part of the club has helped kids improve their soccer skills, but it has also helped them grow personally and become more confident.

The club has professional coaches who challenge players to be their best and give them top-notch training.

Other Soccer Clubs In Tennessee

  • Wilson United Soccer Club
  • Shelbyville Indoor Soccer Club
  • Memphis Happy Feet
  • North River Soccer Association
  • Mid-State Sports Club