5 Must-have Soccer Gear For Toddlers | Basic Needs 2023

Soccer gear for toddlers is highly sought after. This is because soccer is a sport that is beloved by people of all ages and genders.

Even very young children are drawn to the game and its excitement.

When toddlers play soccer, they’re not just having fun – they’re also developing valuable physical, social, and mental skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

And just like their soccer idols on the field, toddlers need the right gear to play safely and give their parents some peace of mind.

Let’s not waste any time – it’s time to get the kids suited up in their soccer gear and ready to take on the world, or at least the backyard.

In this article, we look into the 5 must-have soccer gear for toddlers but before we do that, what is soccer gear?

What Is Soccer Gear?

5 Must-have Soccer Gear For Toddlers | Basic Needs 2023

Soccer gear is a type of equipment that is included in a soccer player’s kit. They are worn to prove protection and keep away from injuries and bruises.

These gears are jerseys, long socks, shorts, soccer shoes, boots, cleats, soccer balls, shin guards, uniforms, gloves, and of course water bottles to stay hydrated.

Toddlers can begin to play soccer from the age of 3

Why Are Soccer Gears Important?

Soccer gears are a protective shield one wears to protect and prevent injuries from coming to them while playing on the field. They are important for the following reasons: 

  • To protect players from injuries, bruises falls, slips, and blisters
  • They make the game enjoyable
  • They provide support, comfort, and balance to the ankles and feets

5 Must-Have Soccer Gear For Toddlers

You’re here because you’ve just signed your toddler up for soccer, or probably thinking about it, and now you’re scratching your head wondering what in the world you need to get.

Don’t worry, for I have the solution to all your soccer gear woes – a comprehensive soccer gear for toddlers/youngsters.

This list is the holy grail of soccer equipment for kids, detailing the absolute must-haves and the nice-to-haves that will make your cute kids look like a professional on the field.

From head to toe, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Toddler Soccer Ball 

STEEFAN Pink Soccer Ball Size 3/4/5 for Kids

Look like any regular soccer ball, but have a magic color-changing panel. When exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun, the panels shift color from white to PINK dramatically. Return indoors, and the ball will slowly change back to its original color, and then it’s ready to go the next time the sun is out.

A toddler soccer ball is one of the most important gears in playing soccer, as a butcher needs a knife to work, and a soccer player needs a soccer ball.

The soccer ball for toddlers is designed to be soft and not heavy to make kicking, controlling, and handling the ball easy for them. 

For a toddler, a size 3 is the perfect size for them. Be sure to select a color that is sure to make them excited.

The Five Soccer Ball Sizes in Detailed Chart

Soccer BallSize:Ages:
Size 118 – 20 inches3 and under
Size 220 – 22 inches3 – 5 years old
Size 323 – 24 inches5 – 8 years old
Size 425 – 26 inches8 – 12 years old

Toddler Shin Guard/Shin Pads

Saeveli Soccer Shin Guards for Toddlers

Size X-Small is recommended for kids Ages 1-3, and Size Small is recommended for kids Ages 4-7.
To ensure optimum fit please consult the size guide in image 4 before placing your order
Young Players: Our Shin Guards are Built with a lightweight, reinforced shell and bright colors for Boys and Girls to Keep Them Protected
Adjustable Strap: The elastic strap on the top and bottom offers the perfect fit on the shin and helps keep the shin in place.

Toddler shin guards or shin pads are the second most important 5 must-have soccer gear for toddlers.

Shin guards are worn below the knee to protect and prevent injuries and damage when the ball is kicked during a game.

Not only toddlers need shins during a game, even professionals need them. 

They serve the purpose of preventing blisters, burns, scratches, slips, falls, and bruises. Toddlers’ shin guards or shin pads should fit them to provide all-around protection, be sure to select the right size for them.

Toddler Soccer Cleats

Hawkwell Kids Athletic

Lace closure provides lockdown
Cushioned insole for added comfort
Comfortable lining wraps your foot for a natural, close-fitting feel
The hybrid versatile outsole gives you solid traction on firm ground and artificial grass
The textured pattern on the molded upper gives you better ball control when dribbling at high speed

Soccer cleats also known as boots or shoes are protective gears that are worn on the foot.

Not only does it protect the foot from the hard ground and burning ground due to the sun, but it also provides balance and support for toddlers.

Toddler soccer cleats are designed to be lightweight, suitable, and fit for all sizes.

Be sure to select a size that is fit and not too fight for your toddler – you don’t want to hurt their feet or stop them from running or feeling uncomfortable when they take it off. 

The kid’s boot is the best in the market for comfort.

Toddler Soccer Socks

APTESOL Knee High Soccer Socks

Multi-use unisex sport sock, moisture-wicking, non-slip
Arch and ankle compression for support and comfort.
Structured cushioning for added protection in high-impact areas

Imagine your kid with matching soccer uniform and socks, it not only makes them look cute but you just want to capture every moment when they make successful goals or not.

Traditionally, it does not have to match but toddler soccer socks are worn on top of shin guards providing extra safety and support for them.

When selecting soccer socks for toddlers, be sure to go for lightweight ones that are the right size and length for them.

Toddler Soccer Jersey

Major Sports Kids Jersey(Unisex)

Soccer Jerseys are Made of 100% polyester. High Quality and Durable Smooth fabric for comfort and breathability.
All Soccer Jerseys run true to size, please refer to our size chart image before the order is placed

What’s a 5 must-have soccer gear for toddlers without Jersey?

Toddler soccer jerseys are uniforms that are either long-sleeved or short-sleeved, they help you and the coach to point out what team they belong to.

Most of the time, colors and sizes matter so be sure to select a color that stands out for your toddler or what the coach chooses for the team. 

Maintaining Soccer Gears

To maintain your soccer gear for a long time, parents should do the following:

  • Deflate soccer ball when not in use
  • Keel all gears clean and neat for them
  • Have a soccer bag to store all gear in 
  • Keep gears out of the sun

At What Age Can Toddlers Play Soccer?

The question of when to initiate your child into soccer has an easy answer: toddlers can play soccer from the age of 2.

However, you can’t just place a ball in front of a newborn and anticipate them to dribble like Messi. It takes some time for them to develop a passion for the beautiful game.

But by the age of two, they are prepared to begin honing their skills and perfecting their kicks.

Naturally, each child is unique, so you’ll need to assess their interest and excitement for soccer. If they prefer to chew on the ball rather than kick it, then perhaps hold off for a while.

However, if they are already exhibiting signs of being obsessed with soccer, it’s time to put on their mini cleats and let them practice.

Remember that even if they are not yet prepared for a full-fledged game, there is plenty of joy to be found kicking the ball around in the backyard with family and friends.

Don’t worry too much about their age – just go out there and relish the beautiful game with your cute ones.


What should my 3-year-old wear to soccer?

The items required may vary depending on the choice, but generally, you will need a uniform (consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks), a soccer ball (preschoolers often use a smaller and lighter ball), shin guards, and cleats (although children can also wear sneakers while playing).

What are 3 things you need for soccer?

To begin your kid’s soccer journey, you only need three fundamental pieces of equipment: a ball, cleats, and guards.

Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to buy the appropriate gear that fits well and is suitable for them.

At what age can toddlers kick a ball?

According to the normal developmental timeline, toddlers can make contact with a ball by lifting their feet around 15-16 months of age.

By the time they reach 20 months, they can kick a ball forward by approximately 3 feet and will gradually enhance their ability to kick the ball without it veering off the midline by the age of 24 months

What age is small shin guards for?

Kids Shin Guard XS Size fits Most Kids Ages 3-5.

Should I put my 2-year-old in soccer?

By adhering to some basic guidelines, two-year-old kids can enjoy playing soccer while developing their motor skills.

As soon as they are able to walk, they can have a great time and learn to handle a soccer ball.

What age is late for soccer?

While there is no specific age limit for playing at the highest level of the sport, if you are over your mid-20s, you only have a limited window before your performance begins to decline.

Do kids need soccer socks?

When kids engage in competitive soccer, they must wear soccer socks that cover their shin guards.

This is necessary not only to comply with regulations but also to provide advantages to young soccer players.

It is important to select the appropriate type of soccer sock and ensure that it fits correctly.

How should shin guards fit toddlers?

Try to find the protrusion just below your kid’s knee. The upper edge of a shin guard should be positioned approximately one inch below that bump.

The lower edge of the shin guard should end about one to two inches above their ankle.

How do you know if your kid is good at soccer?

  • Your child is the swiftest player on the field.
  • Possesses remarkable endurance.
  • Exhibits extraordinary speed.
  • Physically strong.
  • Excels in high-pressure situations.
  • Quick reflexes.
  • Your child consistently scores goals.
  • Your child is unbeatable on defense

What do kids like in soccer?

Although kicking the ball and scoring goals are basic aspects of soccer, there are other reasons why kids love sports beyond the game itself.

Children also derive joy from wearing a new jersey, cleats and gears, close bonds with their teammates, the laughs, the memories and all of which are integral parts of the soccer experience

Final Whistle

Who wouldn’t want to see their kids/toddlers running around in their adorable little soccer outfits? It’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

But it’s not just about the cuteness factor – it’s important to make sure kids are protected from any potential injuries or bruises.

That’s where soccer gear comes in. From shin guards to cleats, these essentials are sure to provide the protection your toddler/kids need while also adding to their soccer-themed combos.

And, it’s not just a matter of putting on any old gear and calling it a day. You’ll want to make sure you select the right size, length, and measurement for your adorable cute kids.

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