5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves

5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves

Why do soccer players wear gloves? Well, there are a lot of factors at play. First, wearing a glove can substantially change a player’s body temperature, especially during the winter.

We are used to seeing goalkeepers in soccer wearing standard goalkeeping gloves for grip and protection when they’re between the stick. You may have noticed that gloves are also regularly donned by outfielders.

Have you ever wondered why so many soccer players wear gloves considering that it is against the rules for players other than the goalie to use their hands during play?

Are the gloves designed for a different purpose or do soccer players like to look stylish?

This article will explain why soccer players wear gloves as well as any possible rules governing their use in the round leather game, so whether you’re a fan of the beautiful game or just curious, read on to learn more.

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Gloves

The major factor influencing a soccer player’s decision to wear gloves on the field is usually to get warmth. Since soccer seasons take place all year long, certain temperatures drop exceedingly low. 

Due to their constant exposure on the pitch, the hands of soccer players are often the first body parts to get cold.

The human body is built to control its internal temperature. In order to keep your core and essential organs warm during cold weather, the body increases blood flow to those areas.

Blood flow changes can reduce the volume of blood in your hands and feet, causing them to feel cold. This is why, even while in full flight, soccer players may have cold hands despite having a high body temperature.

This explains why it’s common for players to wear a short-sleeved jersey with gloves, something most fans would find strange.

Some players are just susceptible to cold hands and feet. Even though this would indicate an underlying ailment, this is usually not the case, especially in young players.

Furthermore, given their presence in the media spotlight, players tend to cover their hands with gloves as a distinctive fashion statement.


5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves

  • Staying Warm
  • Fashion Statement
  • Better Grip
  • Protection
  • Sentimental / Goodluck

Staying Warm

Keeping players warm during games is undoubtedly one of the elite clubs’ key priorities because they invest a lot of money in getting them to perform well at the highest levels.

Staying warm is essential in all sports. Maintaining a high temperature sets the body up for intense exercise and lowers the risk of muscular injury.

Warming up raises the body’s core temperature as well as the muscles. this keeps the muscles flexible and responsive. Blood flow increases during the warm-up, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles and preparing them for strenuous physical activity.

Frequent exposure to cold temperatures can cause a lot of health issues, including hypothermia, which happens when the body loses heat more quickly than it can produce, and frostbite, which is caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues.

Gloves, therefore, serve a key part in minimizing the emergence of these problems since they give hands the warmth needed to keep the core and essential organs in excellent condition while the body’s hands are tied.

You’ll be able to play at your best if you’re comfortable and warm. However, you won’t be able to perform well if you’re uncomfortable because of the weather.

Fashion Statement

We can all agree that different people have diverse tastes in fashion, and soccer players are no exception.

Some players choose to wear gloves purely for aesthetic reasons. It’s not surprising that soccer players dress stylishly on the field as well. They constantly try to maintain a good appearance.

A couple of examples of soccer players that wear gloves :

  • Riyad Mahrez
  • Paul Pogba
  • Haruna Lookman
  • Kylian Mbappe
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Nicolas Otamendi
  • Anthony Martial

Moreover, some gloves can actually complement a player’s style, especially if the color of the player’s kit aligns beautifully with the gloves they wear.

Better Grip Of The Ball

Playing a game in some weather conditions (snow, rain) can make the ball more slippery, so having a towel to clean off the ball is critical. A player can clean off their hands to make sure they have a better grip each time to throw the ball.

It might be hard to search for a towel when the time is against you, however a player with a glove can throw the ball without the fear of losing grip of the ball.

It just takes one bad throw to set up an easy ball to the opposition, and a player is looking for ways to avoid that from happening.


Wearing gloves is an excellent approach to help prevent hand wear and tear. Gloves protect the hands from the playing surface and turf burn.

Gloves provide an extra level of protection that may not be obvious at first. Even though the hands are not used in the game directly, they are nonetheless in the midst of the action and can sustain injuries.

Players often break their fall by throwing their hands down. Gloves with little cushion can help prevent cuts and may even lower the risk of sprains and fractured bones.

Gloves also reduce the probability of a player sustaining a laceration as a result of an opponent stomping on their hand. Although many of these cases are thought to be once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences, however, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Goodluck Charm

Soccer players are one bunch of funny humans; they train for hours in all kinds of weather to improve, so they are ready for practically any circumstance when they step onto the field of play, but many of them will do anything to get an extra advantage.

These players can be a superstitious lot, doing strange things like always kissing the pitch before kick-off or spitting chewing gum on the opponent’s side of the pitch.

Are Soccer Players Allowed To Wear Gloves?

The fact that pro soccer players are allowed to wear gloves while playing may surprise some. Although wearing gloves is not officially prohibited, there are several safety-related guidelines.

The gloves must not pose a threat to either the person wearing them or any other player on the field. Safety is essential, boxing gloves would probably be a no-no!

The referee has the power to rule on whether a player can wear a glove and whether it is permitted by the game’s rules.

Which Gloves Are Best For Soccer Players?

Protecting their hands from the cold is usually the first priority for professional soccer players when wearing gloves. Since soccer players cannot use their hands during play, they are not required for any other activity (other than for throw-ins).

It’s ideal to get a pair of gloves that match your kit because the referee might ask you to remove them if they clash with the opposing team’s jerseys.

This rule isn’t often enforced, so you’ll usually be able to get away with wearing dark or black gloves.

However, there are other aspects to consider, and it ultimately boils down to personal preferences. Depending on the weather condition and the size of their hands, players must choose the right gloves.

The best soccer gloves are those made of cotton or wool.


What Are The Best Gloves For Soccer Players?

The most commonly used soccer gloves are those that are warm, comfortable, and have a firm grip. The most well-known brands are Puma, Adidas, and Nike.

  • Adidas Pro Field Player Gloves

5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves


  • Puma Soccer Field Player Gloves

5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves


  • Nike Men’s Therma Fit Gloves

5 Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves


Must Goalkeepers Wear Gloves?

The rules of the game don’t specifically state that goalies must wear gloves. But there’s no reason goalkeepers shouldn’t wear gloves because it makes their jobs more easy and safe.

Without gloves, a goalkeeper will probably find it more difficult to make saves and retrieve the ball when necessary.

The good thing for goalkeepers is that there are so many different kinds and materials to pick from, each goalie should be able to find some gloves that are comfortable.

Goalie gloves are thus an essential part of the game even though they are not required by the rules of the game.

Why do Soccer Players Wear Black Gloves?

There are a few reasons why you see many players wearing black gloves. Black color can hide dirt easily. Black color absorbs heat more effectively than other colors.



Wrapping It Up – Why Soccer Players Wear Gloves

There are several reasons why soccer players wear gloves. Gloves can be useful for a number of reasons, including helping a player have a better grip on the ball and preventing injuries. They can also help a player keep their hands warm in cold weather.




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