10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

An easy-to-transport and install soccer goalpost that can be used in a range of environments is known as a portable soccer goal.

The soccer goal is two upright vertical posts connected by a horizontal crossbar which is cast in a photogenic stance accommodating the net behind it and placed on both ends of the soccer field.

Goal post comes in different designs, colors, and make-up.

As such, there are some that pop-up, while some click together and some simply need to be anchored into the ground before they can be used.

In an ever-evolving world of soccer where everything about the game is not taken for granted in terms of improvement and provision of what everyone needs to enjoy the game be it outside your home or in your backyard.

What Are The Best Portable Soccer Goals For Practice?

These portable goalposts are often built of lightweight materials like aluminum or plastic, and they are designed to be simply and easily fitted together without the use of tools or special equipment.

For soccer teams and players who wish to train and improve their skills in different environments, such as at home, in a park, or while traveling, these portable soccer goalposts are a friendly alternative.

Also, they are an excellent alternative for coaches and trainers that need a lightweight, user-friendly goalpost for their training sessions and camps.

Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goalpost

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

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The Blackhawk Backyard is a superb goalpost that is well-suited for your training needs or a quick indoor game. It is built of strong fiberglass and steel structure that is both easy to put together and take down when needed.

The tie-down ground anchors that come with this pop-up goal give it stability and make it simple to use for anyone, regardless of age. A unique benefit of the goalpost is that it is quite affordable.

You can have your preferred size delivered to you once you’re ready and they come in different sizes like 4×3, 6’6×3’3, 9×5’6 and 12×6 depending on the size you want.

SKLZ Quickster

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

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The Quickster is a lightweight goalpost that is incredibly portable, quick to set up, and durable for both young and experienced players who wish to play the game in their backyard.

Unique tension-tite poles, easy velcro net attachments, and steel ground stakes are all included to ensure that the net stands firmly and does not tip over after being shot at.

The amazing thing about the goal is that, whether you’re using it for intense training or an actual game, you can quickly set it up in under two minutes and start having fun.

Kwik Flex Lite

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

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The Kwik Flex Lite is a portable goal that measures 4 x 6 and is designed to make playing the game more enjoyable.

Its metal frame, which was used in its construction, makes it simple to retain its shape as you use it to practice your skills without worrying about the shape degrading or being damaged by shoots. You can easily assemble and de-install it when necessary.

The Kwik Flex Lite soccer goalpost is built of strong metal and fiberglass, which increases its durability and length of use.

You won’t even need any equipment to set up the Kwik Flex Lite soccer goal before you can start using it.


WEKEFON Soccer Goal

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

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Are you looking for a bargain soccer goal that won’t cost you a fortune before acquiring it? If yes, the budget-friendly WEKEFON soccer goal it’s a perfect one to get for your home practice satisfaction.

The WEKEFON soccer goal is not only affordable but also of high quality that you can get in five different bright colors of your choice.

The interesting features about the goal are that the rods are made of fiberglass for durability, heavy-duty polyester net and it comes in 5×3.1 in terms of size.

Kwik Goal NXT

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice [Easy To Set Up]

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The Kwik Soccer NXT soccer goal is simply made for those who have a large yard and wants to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer without necessarily stepping out before they can play.

This soccer goalpost is made with strong aluminum and with its firmness on the ground, it makes the perfect practicing goalpost you can ever have in your yard.

The size of the Kwik Goal NXT is quite bigger compared to the ones above, it comes with a 6.5×18.5 size, and it is also very easy to assemble.

PUGG Ultra U90 Soccer Goal

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice[Easy To Set Up]

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5-a-side enthusiast gets in here I have something interesting to show you.

The PUGG Ultra U90 soccer goal is a perfectly made goal for your weekend match without the stress of sourcing for a tire as your goalpost.

The 4×4 goal can easily be popped up wherever, and anytime for use, you can as well easily pack it when they’re not in use. The total make-up of the goalpost is made with steel wire, a three-peg system anchors down the goal and it includes a carry bag with a shoulder strap.

With $219.99 you can easily get the PUGG Ultra U90 goal and start enjoying your weekend soccer game with great satisfaction.

Kwik Goal Infinity-S

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice[Easy To Set Up]

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The Kwik Goal Infinity-S is another great product of Kwik that comes with a size 4×4 makeup and it’s very easy to use when you want to have an impromptu soccer match or practice in your yard.

With this goalpost you don’t need to stress yourself before you can make use of it, all you have to do is just throw it down and it will pop up for use.

The Kwik Goal Infinity-S is made of velcro fasteners that keep the goal folded, elastic tethers, and nylon pegs that anchor the goalpost together.

Irrespective of where you are or go, if you have the Kwik Goal Infinity-S with you, practicing or playing the game won’t be a problem.

Sport Nets Portable Soccer Goal

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice[Easy To Set Up]

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Sport Nets Portable soccer goalpost it’s a lightweight training goalpost that weighs only 21Ibs, easy to transport, and is very convenient to have your kickabout.

In terms of its size, it comes with a 4×8, has a 100% UV-treated knot-less net, and also comes in a bright orange and white color.

With $199.99, you can get it for your kickabout and practices in your compound without going through the stress of finding a soccer field.

BANZAI Mega All-Star

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts For Practice[Easy To Set Up]

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This soccer goalpost is a perfect backyard practice goalpost for your kids at home. With it, the kids can play freely without concerns about any injury due to its inflatable nature.

The size 12×14 goal is quite easy to set up and it also comes with ground stakes, plus a repair patch that you can easily use to put it together once it’s faulty.

If you buy the Banzai Mega All-star goalpost, you’ll also get a soccer ball for the ultimate child-proof set which your kids can kick about in the compound with ease.

L RUNNZER Soccer Goal

10 Best Portable Soccer Goalposts [Easy To Set Up]

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The L Runnzer is one of the best portable goalposts designed to provide the perfect satisfaction for your practice in your compound without necessarily stepping out before enjoying the game.

Some of the unique features of the L Runnzer is that it’s extremely durable even when it is exposed to a large number of shots, it doesn’t break into pieces. Another good thing about the goalpost is that the premium materials used can be washed after use.

Due to its dimensions of 2 inches tall, 35 inches long, and 24 inches wide after you fit it into the carry case, the goalpost is quite easy to transport.

With the Runnzer, you don’t necessarily need to dig the ground or assemble it before use, just twist and pop then it’s ready for use.


How To Buy The Perfect Portable Soccer Goalpost?

If you don’t know what to look for, buying the perfect soccer goalpost might be a difficult task

However, by adhering to these straightforward instructions, you will find a goalpost that will bring you years of enjoyment and help improve your soccer skills

Here are some things to consider when buying a soccer goalpost:


The goalpost’s dimensions must be in line with the players’ ages and levels of expertise. For instance, a full-size goalpost is usually 24 feet wide and 8 feet tall, although a lesser one would be appropriate for younger players or those who are just learning the game.


Normally, soccer goalposts are made of wood, metal, or plastic. The most common and conventional goalposts are made of wood, which often has a classic appearance but can also be heavy and demand extra maintenance.

Goalposts made of metal are strong and long-lasting, although they can be expensive.

For casual players or those who just sometimes need a goalpost, plastic goalposts are a suitable option because they are lightweight and portable.


The price of a soccer goalpost can vary widely, so it’s critical to plan your budget ahead.

Remember that a higher price doesn’t automatically equate to a better goalpost, so read reviews and compare features to find the product that offers the best value for your money.


A net, easy-moving wheels, or adjustable heights are some of the extra features that come with some portable soccer goalposts.

Although these qualities could be beneficial, they could also affect the goalpost’s price. Evaluate which qualities are essential to you and look for a goalpost that meets them.


Soccer goalposts come in different brands, and each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Do some research to find a reputable brand that sells high-quality goalposts at an affordable price.

The size, material, price, features, and brand are just a few of the things to consider when looking to buy the perfect soccer goalpost.

By carefully considering these qualities and doing some research, you could find a goalpost that will help you improve your soccer skills.

Advantages Of Buying A Portable Soccer Goalpost

Buying a portable goalpost has a number of benefits, such as the following:

Versatility: Portable goalposts are a superb option for teams or individuals who wish to train in different fields or in different environments because they are easy to move to new locations.

Cost: Teams or individuals on a tight budget may find portable goalposts to be a more cost-effective option since they are often less expensive than permanent goalposts.

Easy to install and disassemble: Portable goalposts are designed to be quickly and easily set up and disassembled. This makes them a convenient alternative for teams or individuals who wish to set up and take down their goalposts.

Durability: Despite their lightweight weight, portable goalposts are often made of materials that are resistant to wear and tear, making them last longer.

Compact size: When not in use, portable goalposts can be packed and moved with ease as they are small and more portable than permanent goalposts.

Customizable: A lot of portable goalposts can be made to fit a team’s or a person’s demands and preferences by choosing the size, shape, and color of the goalposts.

Safety: They often have non-slip bases and other safety features to reduce the probability of accidents and injuries.

They offer versatility, cost-effectiveness, ease of set-up and disassembly, durability, compact size, customization, and safety, making them a great option for teams and players wanting to practice their soccer skills or enjoy the beautiful game.

Wrapping It Up- Portable Soccer Goal

The hallmark of every portable soccer goalpost is that it must be easy to use, assemble, and de-install when it’s not in use. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too expensive to get one for any outdoor activities.

No matter how big or little your yard is, you can effortlessly enjoy the beautiful game of soccer with a plethora of portable soccer goals that are available, all of which come with 100% quality.

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