12 Unforgettable Highest-Scoring Soccer Games in History

12 Unforgettable Highest-Scoring Soccer Games in History

Soccer usually has fewer goals compared to popular sports in the US like basketball or American football.

But even though it’s low-scoring, just one goal can decide who wins a big tournament.

Now, that doesn’t mean soccer games never have goals. In fact, scoring goals is crucial because the more you score, the harder it is for the other team to catch up.

It’s a simple rule that’s been around for over a hundred years: score more goals than the other team.

Highest-Scoring Games in Football History

Sometimes, you get really exciting games where more goals are scored than usual.

Fans love these games where both teams are going all out, and sometimes, you might see four or five goals in a match.

And once in a while, there are games that go way beyond expectations.

The teams score so many goals that it’s like a crazy, intense battle. Fans leave the stadium happy because they witnessed an amazing game.

Once in a blue moon, you come across games where it seems like one team is playing without any opposition. They dominate so much that it’s as if the other team is missing their legs.

The goal count in these matches sometimes reaches double digits, highlighting a clear and overwhelming victory for one side.

Keep reading to find out about 12 of the highest-scoring games in the history of soccer.

1. AS Adema 149-0 Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne (2002)

12 Unforgettable Highest-Scoring Soccer Games in History

On October 31, 2002, something truly extraordinary unfolded in the Madagascan top football league.

In the final match of a four-team playoff to wrap up the season, AS Adema faced Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne (SO Emyrne).

The backdrop was quite significant—AS Adema had already secured the league title with a draw in their previous match against SO Emyrne.

However, the latter team, out of contention for the title and upset about what they saw as a questionable referee decision, decided to stage one of the most peculiar protests in soccer history.

In the season’s closing game, the moment the referee blew the whistle, SO Emyrne players began intentionally scoring their own goals.

It was an astonishing sight as they repeatedly kicked the ball into their own net, tallying an unbelievable 149 own goals in just 90 minutes—an average of more than one per minute.

AS Adema ended up winning 149-0, but the consequences for their opponents were severe.

The coach and four players not only lost their jobs but also received three-year bans, preventing them from joining other teams.

Despite the unconventional turn of events, the referee chose to let the game continue, and as a result, the result officially stands.

Thus, the record for the highest-scoring soccer game ever belongs to AS Adema and Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne in the TBH Champions League, Madagascar’s top division.

2. Plateau United Founders 79-0 Akurba (2013)

In 2013, a shocking match-fixing scandal rocked the lower division of the Nigerian Football League. Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, the NFF’s Director of Competitions, inevitably launched an investigation into the alleged match-fixing.

The outcome was drastic: players, management, and officials from four teams were handed lifetime bans from their domestic league.

The scandal unfolded through two simultaneous and outrageous games that ended with scores of 79-0 and 67-0.

Plateau United Feeders claimed a 79-0 victory over Akurba FC, while Police Machine FC demolished Bubayaro FC with a 67-0 scoreline.

The motivation behind this disgraceful act was a desperate attempt by Plateau United Feeders and Police Machine to secure promotion.

Both teams were tied on goals, and they aimed to ensure a one-goal advantage at the end of each match.

The entire episode was not only a ridiculous insult to the fans in attendance but also a disgrace to Nigerian football as a whole.

The scandal was a stark reminder of the importance of fair play and integrity in the sport.

3. Police Machine FC 67-0 Bubayaro FC (2013)

On July 7, 2013, something really amazing happened in a football league that doesn’t usually get a lot of attention.

It was the big finale of the season in the lower leagues of Nigerian football, where teams were fighting to get into the lowest level of the professional league, called the Nationwide League Division.

In one game, Police Machine had a 6-0 lead at halftime.

But then, something unbelievable occurred. Their opponents, Bubayaro, started scoring goals for the other team, ending in a massive 67-0 loss.

This raised serious concerns about cheating, with the Nigerian Football Federation Organising Committee saying the result was “unacceptable” and a “huge scandal.”

It was a day in football that people won’t forget because of its strange and controversial events.

4. Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord (1885)

Last season, Arbroath FC in the Scottish Championship almost made history by coming close to a dramatic promotion.

If successful, they would have become the first part-time team to play in the Scottish Premier League.

Besides this recent achievement, Arbroath FC also deserves praise for a remarkable event in their past. Back in September 1885, they secured an impressive victory against the newly-formed Scottish team Bon Accord.

This win still holds the record for the largest margin of victory in a truly competitive game, not one that was manipulated (more on this in a moment). The match occurred during the first round of the Scottish Cup and was played at Arbroath’s Gayfield ground.

This significant win has contributed to the stadium’s reputation as a very challenging place for opponents. Arbroath FC’s recent and historical accomplishments have not only made headlines but have also solidified their place in Scottish football history.

5. Vanuatu 46-0 Micronesia (2015)

In the Pacific islands, some teams face challenges like limited funds and a small pool of players.

This situation often leads to high-scoring international games, as seen in Australia’s win against American Samoa. One such team with unique struggles is the Federated States of Micronesia, known as “the worst international team on the planet.”

In the 2015 Pacific Games tournament, they faced a tough time, conceding an astounding 114 goals in three games.

Their most notable defeat was a 46-0 loss to Vanuatu, and their team of Under-23 players experienced a disastrous exit from the tournament.

The Federated States of Micronesia’s struggles highlight the difficulties some smaller nations face in international football. Despite the challenges, these teams play with determination and continue to participate, contributing to the global spirit of the sport.

6. Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord (1885)

In 1885, Arbroath played against Bon Accord in the first round of the Scottish Cup on September 12.

Despite Arbroath being founded just seven years earlier in 1878, they had much more experience than the one-year-old Bon Accord. Bon Accord even showed up for the match without proper football gear, indicating what was to come.

The teams were unevenly matched, and while it was expected that Arbroath would win, the result was beyond belief.

Arbroath led 15-0 by halftime and added another 21 goals in the second half. Reports mentioned a total of 41 goals, but 5 were disallowed.

What’s even more surprising was that Arbroath’s goalkeeper, Jim Milne Sr, didn’t touch the ball during the entire game.

Instead, he spent the entire match under a spectator’s umbrella, seeking shelter from the rain.

This historic game is remembered not just for the incredible scoreline but also for the quirky tale of the goalkeeper staying dry while his team made history on the field.

7. Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers (1885)

On the same remarkable day when Arbroath triumphed 36-0 over Bon Accord, another soccer feat unfolded just 18 miles away in Dundee.

Dundee Harp took on Aberdeen Rovers in the first round of the Scottish Cup and achieved an astonishing victory with a scoreline of 35-0.

Although the referee initially counted 37 goals, the Harp’s secretary questioned the count, stating that he had recorded only 35.

Recognizing the challenges of accurately tracking such a flurry of goals, the match official accepted the secretary’s count, and the score was officially recorded as 35-0.

This extraordinary result added to the incredible happenings of that memorable day in Scottish football, emphasizing the sheer unpredictability and historical significance of these high-scoring matches.

The tale of Dundee Harp’s 35-0 victory stands alongside Arbroath’s achievement, creating a unique chapter in the rich history of the beautiful game.

8. Australia 31-0 American Samoa (2001)

A recent documentary, ‘Next Goal Wins,’ became popular for showcasing the journey of the small Pacific island of American Samoa’s international football team.

It’s a heartwarming story about young players overcoming challenges and pushing their limits. However, creating a competitive soccer team takes time.

In a match against Australia at the Aussies’ International Sports Stadium on April 11, 2001, the American Samoa team faced overwhelming odds.

The result was a 31-0 victory for Australia, setting a world record for the largest win in an international soccer match.

That wasn’t the only record broken that day—Archie Thompson scored an incredible 13 goals, setting a personal record for the most goals scored by one player in an international game.

While the match outcome was challenging for American Samoa, it also highlights the determination needed to improve and compete on the international stage.

9. Tahiti 30-0 Cook Islands (1971)

In the 1971 South Pacific Games, Tahiti, one of the Oceanic Football Confederation (OFC) representatives, secured a massive victory against the Cook Islands.

They were the favorites, and they won with an incredible score of 30-0, setting a record for the biggest margin of victory in international football, a record that still stands today.

The game took place in Tahiti at the Stade Pater during the South Pacific Games, attracting a packed crowd.

Tahiti dominated right from the start, scoring their first goal within the opening minute. The difference in skill between the two teams became more evident as the game progressed, and Tahiti kept adding to their goals.

A standout player for Tahiti was striker Marama Vahirua, who scored a remarkable 13 goals in the match.

This achievement is still a world record for the most goals scored by an individual in a single international match.

Even though the score was lopsided, the Cook Islands played with spirit and determination throughout the game, showing their passion for the sport.

10. Villareal 27-0 Navata (2009)

Even though it was a friendly match, the result was unbelievable, and it happened recently, so it’s worth talking about.

The game was between Villareal, a La Liga team that has shown its skills by winning the Europa League, and Navata, a semi-professional team from Catalonia playing in the local league.

In this match, striker Jonathan Pereira scored an incredible seven goals. Other forwards, Joseba Llorente and Ruben Marcos, also scored a couple each, along with former Arsenal player Robert Pires.

The scoreline and the performance of these players made this friendly match quite noteworthy, even though it wasn’t a competitive fixture.

It goes to show that exciting and unexpected things can happen in football, no matter the nature of the game.

11. Bayern Munich 27-0 FC Rottach-Egern (2023)

12 Unforgettable Highest-Scoring Soccer Games in History

The latest record-breaking high-scoring football match happened on July 23, 2023, when Bayern Munich played against FC Rottach-Egern, a 9th-tier team, in a pre-season friendly.

The final score was a surprising 27-0.

By halftime, Bayern Munich was already ahead by a massive 18-0. Although Rottach-Egern managed to reduce the damage in the second half, they still faced nine more goals.

The game took place at Bayern Munich’s training camp near Tegernsee.

Jamal Musiala, Mathys Tel, and Marcel Sabitzer each scored five goals, while Serge Gnabry got a hat-trick. Coach Thomas Tuchel started two completely different teams for each half.

Interestingly, in 2019, Bayern Munich also won against Rottach-Egern, but with a slightly lower score of 23-0. These high-scoring games show the dominance of top-tier teams in pre-season matches against lower-tier opponents.

12. Preston North End 26-0 Hyde United (1887)

Back in the day, Preston North End was a powerhouse in English football, consistently one of the best teams around.

They were so good that later in the 1880s, they even pulled off ‘The Double,’ winning both the league and the FA Cup in the same season.

Now, in this particular match, they faced Hyde United in the FA Cup. Preston North End was from the top-tier First Division, while Hyde United was a lower-league team.

The difference in quality was evident, and Preston North End took full advantage of it.

They crushed Hyde United 26-0 in the First Round of the FA Cup, creating the biggest victory in the history of the competition. And believe me, things are about to get even crazier.